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Hi patrice,

Me too new,,,,,,,,just joined today.I m here for my father.He suffered
stroke in July'08 and since Oct'08 he is feeling shooting pain in entire
right side of body and sometimes in isolated parts of right side.He
too has same of kind of burning sensation,pricking pain.Our doc
said its Thalamic synodrome,which is an post stroke pain...

I suggest you go for brain scan and consult neurosurgeon.

Hope it works..praying for your speedy recovery...GOD Bless.



I am new here and also new to posting so sorry for the long one but I need help understanding what is happening to me.

About 2 1/2 years ago, I had a tooth that cracked that required a root canal and crown. Soon after, I started experiencing slight jaw pain in the mornings and a few bad headaches. About 2 months later I was in a very minor rear end accident. Within 15 minutes, I had neck pain around C5/C6. Dr. said whiplash, fine, neck was sore but not too bad.

About 2 months later, went back to dentist saying tooth was not feeling good, she said tooth was fine but noticed that I was showing severe signs of TMJ, I was having daily headaches and neck still hurt. Went to TMJ doc and started treatment for that. After about 1 year of that with no headache relief, I started seeing a chiropractor while continuing TMJ treatment. Chiropractor did relieve some neck pain but headaches continued. Then went to neuorolgist. He did basically no tests and diagnosed chronic tension headaches and put me on basically the same meds the TMJ Dr. had me try.

Then May of this year I found a lump in my throat. I was a 4cm thyroid nodule that had to be removed. (benign) During the stress of this, my TMJ, neck pain and headaches increased to the point that I was taking vicoden daily.

I got married Aug 2 of this year. On Aug 8, I joined the gym to get in shape for our Hawaii honeymoon. (despite my pain I was motivated!)Well, I injured my knee. This is the 4th time in 6 years this has happened, the first time diagnosed as a knee sprain but it took 2 years to recover so for it to happen now, I was pretty devastated. So this time after 4 Dr.'s and 2 MRI's, the new diagnosis was a bulging disk L5/S1. I guess the fact that I could not straighten my leg, move my foot, toes and my whole leg was burning didn't clue them in earlier.

Since then, things have gone downhill. I went to the chiroprator that I had seen for my neck injury to help with this low back one. Well, that did help the leg but aggrivated the neck pain and also a previous thorassic injury(unknown). Now I have pain radiating into both arms, most severly though into head, I have tremors, muscle twitches, Chills, night sweats, hot flashes, skin sensation changes on face and back, pins and needles in back of head, memory problems, and now, chronic sinusitis and a double ear infection. Also many other neuro problems that keep creeping up every day. They did a brain and c-spine MRI which showed disk bulge C5/C6 and Pavlov cyst C6/C7 but they don't think that is causing any problems. (yeah)

I have been to so many Dr.'s trying to figure out what is happening to me, many which just look at me funny or tell me to go to a psychiatrist, so I did. He thinks that I have a "post concussion syndrome" however I have only one memory of having a concussion 6 years ago with slurring speech for 6 mo.

My chiropractor sent me yesterday to a new Dr. who she trusts and she diagnosed me with central pain syndrome. I am not sure this fits and she did not have time to go over with me what this acually means yet so I have been looking online and what I find scares me. I am now on so many meds that I feel like a zombie but without the pain relief. Does anyone out there have experience w/ this? I could use some help sorting this out.

Thank you for any help!!!![/QUOTE]

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