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I too seem to be having "pulses" also. At first I thought they were palpitations, but every EKG,x-ray, or holter monitor test my doctors have done is negative. My blood pressure runs high most of the time, so they don't think that's a contributing factor. I am on a number of meds, for depression, my high BP, and now I'm told I'm diabetic. The only consistent trigger I can find thus far, is if I forget to take my medications for a day. It's a feeling like touching an electric fence, without any pain. Just like a thump or two, disorientation, and sometimes I can "hear" a kind of swooshing sound when I move my eyes or turn my head suddenly. It usually subsides after I take my medications for that day, but it doesn't any less scary, or any less frustrating when the doctors can't find anything. Every time I bring it up to the doctors, they run another EKG, which of course comes back negative.
Ok I can now confirm that taking a small 1-2 day break from my antidepressants ( Effexor -xr) will cause a bout of these pulses in my head.
However there is still a link to movng the eyes very slightly, which will trigger a one off pulse.
How many others here have been on anidepressants, can you list brands ?

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