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Hi Bearygood

It was so great to hear from are you doing lately?I hope you are well.

Our good buddy Cindy is headed to TCI for her appointment on Dec.1rst...I wish her well...she is such a lovely person and has been so much help to me.:)

My neurologist wasn't as nice as he used to be...maybe he was having a bad hair day or something.:confused:haha.He said m chiari is not causing my know my MRI says it's a 6mm herniation and he said up to 5mm is considered "normal"so he said I need a new MRI to see if anything else is going on and he also wants me to have an EEG.The problem is it's very expensive with the percentage we have to I'm putting it off for a little while.:o

Like everyone else I have good days and not so good days......I feel like a yo-yo...up-down you know.:jester:

Someone else asked about muscle fasiculations and if MS can cause that...I have the annoying twitching too(feet/ankles...sometimes calves too) do you know if MS could cause that?I know people with RLS seem to exprience this too...sees it can be caused from a magnesium deficiency or uneven levels of mag/cal/potassium...interesting to think about.

I';m supposed to have an EMG next week...I've had that done before just on my arms/hands,but not on my legs/feet...I'm kind of nervous about that...because of the twitching.....yikes!:D

Well I hope you are feeling well these was a pleasant surprise to get your post...thank you so much for thinking about me!


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