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hi cindy, so glad you app went well. it really does sound as if they know their stuff..i wish i could fly out to new york and go myself!!! and feb will soon be here. sounds good they could help with your symptoms without decompression. there really is so much to learn still on chiari for me,didnt really know about other ops they can do.
ive still not heard from my gp so will need to phone to hurry him up if ive not heard by friday. yes i guess he is being helpful,he could have told me to go away considering ive seen two neuroligists already in the past!! he did say all these years with my symptoms wouldnt be caused by nothing which was good to hear!!!
ive had a good few weeks with my head etc,have most of my xmas presents wrapped and bagged for delivery,was really ontop of thing for a change but if its not one thing its another and this time its my stomache issues again!!! i ve terrible pain in my lower back and right side of stomache,am seeing a doctor tomorro ,not my normal one as ive asked for a female doctor this time so i feel more comfortable!!!
im a smoker to so i do feel for you!!! i dont even smoke that much but not being able to have one if i want one would be hard!! find something else to occupy yourself a huge bar of chocolate!!!!
i dont come on here much either but i will still post when i have any updates xx

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