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i think you have hit the nail on the head might not be laziness though ....alot has to do with how many things mimic each other including all the very simple things like lack of vitamin B12 folic acid etc.BUT if you are taking the vitamins and your symptoms arent clearing up it has to be something else.when i was injected with B12 all i can say is it helped a little with the fatigue i was having but thats about it.nothing else went away.lack of B12 mimics ms,lupus...then you have thyroids that whether either low or high have neurological effects on ur body plus the feeling of being hot and cold and weight gain or loss.diabetes causes same thing plus either weight gain or loss.then theres the hepatitis g.p told my son the other day when he asked her to help him get rid of a wart that warts belong to the herpes family and theres over 390 different types of herpes(its not all sexual) viruses but once your body gets used to the virus they dont pop out any more(the warts)and it just stays dormant.i knew she was directing that really at me because she has always believed that a virus was in my system.BUt i have to also admit that empathy should be part of the training of either a g.p or a have to remember that they are taught to detatch themselves from their patients for their own sanity really but a bit of empathy would be nice i agree especially when someone is genuine.i have so many stories to tell on how i have been treated its amazing i think i have come to the point where i say to myself hey i deserve a bit of respect just like everyone demands.
i hope you feel better and try not to let the "down" feeling overpower you.i know its hard but somehow we just seem to pull thru it.hope you feel better today.

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