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Hi Thomas614,
You know this whole cog phenomenon is really wierd b/c a lot of our symptoms are EXACTLY the same but some i cannot relate to... which makes me confused as to whether or not we have the same ailment. For e.g.:

- "At times, I feel my cognition is still there, I just cannot grab it. Memory is bad. I look for words. I feel as if I am 'not there' in conversations (depersonalization, 'out-of-body' as I describe it)."
- "I feel like I am working on memory of things rather than processing them"
- "I cannot "see though things" - I have always been able to see 5-10 steps ahead. now I feel like everything is 6 feet in front of me"

- I noticed even stranger things like morning nausea, flashing lights, numbness in my left hand, and pain in my left shoulder.
* I have no physical symptoms
- symptoms are very episodic / transient.
* with me it's pretty much constant unless I take stimulants (dexedrine)

Here are some things that I've gathered from my experiences that may shed some light for you.

- it is NOT psychological (if by that you meant that it's in your head or is somehow just a reflection of how you feel)... it's comletely biological. I've done a PET Scan and I know for a FACT that's it's purely organic (I can give you more supporting evidence if you request).
* be careful of the trap of "psych therapy" b/c it has nothing to do with pscyh. The therapy in style right now is cognitive-behavioral therapy. The premise of this therapy is that all your problems are caused b/c of the way that you THINK (i.e. self-talk); so just change the way you think (i.e. just think "healthy and positivly") and your ailments will go away. Problem with this obviously is that you didn't "think" you way into cog. ailments. Matter of fact there are no precipatating factors at all - it just comes.
Therapists find you as a ripe target b/c you don't have leverage since they can ultimately rely on the argument of "... well you obviously have a problem. Got a better solution? No? Then you aren't in a position to reject this therapy stuff". In the process you'll spend needless amounts of time, money and effort.

- meds that have helped me are those that effect dopamine brain pathways. these include stimulants and as of recently (for me) MAO's (google it). I'm forever hunting down the bottom line culprit and would be happy to share with you what I got.

take care,

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