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Re: Test results
Dec 2, 2008
Hmm, I am not sure about getting the tests for B12 seeing as I have restarted supplementation of high amounts? Wouldn't that skew the results and upon stopping, wouldn't it take some time for the previous "low" level to come back?

I couldn't make it out to the store to get the Jarrows today, it's a complicated situation with someone else having to use my car for a while.. this also makes it hard for me to get a doc's appt.. but I'm confident I'll be able to make the trip to Whole Foods tomorrow.

I remain skeptical as to the idea that B12 is behind many of my health problems, as much as I'd like it to be true. While at first the NOW liquid B12 caused noticeable worsening of symptoms (this is said to be an indicator of deficiency), I've been using the full recommended dose again the past 4 days--and the last couple days this dose seems to alternately make me energetic and tired, with some other strange sensations, but nothing that says to me that B12 deficit is the culprit. In other words, my response has become unremarkable.

Hmm, one odd thing that has been happening the past couple days more than usual (I don't think this is connected to B12 supps at all as I have had this for a while): been getting episodes of full body sweating (except for my face) when I wake up from sleep, and what's more, there's a definite scent to it, like a sweet/fragrant odor. I have been getting these "scented sweats during sleep" for a year or more, though, it's not new, it's just that I've had about 4 episodes of it in the last 2 days, more than usual. any guesses as to what this might indicate?

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