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Re: Test results
Nov 21, 2008
To put my test results in context, here's my symptoms again:

- Constant head pressure (first symptom)
- Occasional periods of confusion
- Massive brain fog, poor short term memory
- Fatigue, tiredness
- Lots of floaters in the eye, which may appear out of nowhere and change on the fly--tolerable, but very annoying
- Daily tinnitus (mostly in the left ear, but occasionally "switches" to the right ear)
- Slight lessening of sensation on different areas of the body (occasional numbness/tingling)
- Visual problems, most noticeably is difficulty moving my eye muscles (seems to be tied in with head pressure)
- There is no preference for which eye is affected, both eyes don't move smoothly anymore...
- Eye twitches/involuntary eye movement
- Stiffness/postural problems, makes for awkward walking, but no actual problems with mobility. Could be partially due to sitting in front of a computer too long, lack of proper exercise, etc.
- Occasional trouble coordinating my leg movement, sometimes I can't feel the ground well.. "like walking on sponges"
- Unusual trouble with fine motor control, hard to hold small objects (I've been dropping small objects lately, and it's also harder to hold onto large objects too!)
- Stiff neck (could be from postural issues)
- Occasional trouble swallowing, my throat sometimes feels tighter; and my jaw doesn't always cooperate properly (it's like my jaw isn't coordinated anymore; a similar effect with my eye muscles)
- Snapping jaw, like it's out of alignment (sometimes my jaw "tweaks to the left" involuntarily)
- Caffeine ingestion seems to cause occasional blurred vision and floaters, but not always.
- Occasional light sensitivity
- Frequent foamy urine (but not constant)
- Slight water retention in face/hands/feet
- Sweating during sleep—the sweat has a sweet/fragrant odor to it
- Alcohol intolerance. It makes most of my symptoms worse, especially the eye twitching/involuntary eye movement stuff--more than 3 drinks and I notice worsened symptoms the next day, well past the hangover stage
- My constipation (always a problem) is worse than ever
- Bowel movements are more difficult--the stools are shaped oddly, and I can't empty my bowels thoroughly, it always feels incomplete.
- Basically it feels like my abdominal/lower back muscles aren't cooperating fully, and that's a possible explanation for why bowel movements are a lot harder
- Cold *or* warmth in the extremities at times where I shouldn't be feeling either cold or warm...
Re: Test results
Nov 26, 2008
Thanks a lot for your response Scout... I was thinking you had "forsaken" me... your insight here is invaluable.

[QUOTE=scout316;3804270]hello Bill:)

I looked at your tests results and there's a few that I'd like to comment on.;)

glucose 65(65-99)
this is at the "low end" that might be you have Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar)...I dx with this also when I was 21...and then I had to go on a restrictive diet to keep my blood sugars stabilized.I had a glucose test wher I had to drink this stuff and then they checked my urine every so often and did blood labs too...this is how I was dx...I think it's called a "glucose intolerance test".

albumin/globulin ratio 2.2 High(1.0-2.1)
I don't know what this means,but it is High....should be looked into
albumin 5.0(3.6-5.1)
this one's at the "high end" too....could mean that you are Dehydrated,have some kind of liver problem,acute hepatitis or gallstones,anemia......also a dark amber color urine with nausea/vomiting abdominal pain and or swelling and fatigue could mean pernicious anemia.

I frequently have dark and/or yellow urine, along with foamy urine. An interesting observation I've noticed lately is when I urinate after getting up in the morning, my urine is usually clear-colored, and without any "foam." Then I'll have a meal (I tend to have a sizable breakfast just out of habit) and when I urinate some time after that, all of a sudden not only is my urine darker (and sometimes "burns slightly") but then the foam appears. Strange, but this pattern has been consistent.

Yes I have also been noticing fluid retention more often these days.. most recently in my fingers.. there is slight swelling in my hands. I just noticed a week ago if I press or scratch the pad of my fingers, the imprint stays pressed-in for 5 or more seconds. I don't remember this ever being the case. I also notice water retention elsewhere in my body... it is however most pronounced any time I have alcohol, even if I just have 3 drinks, water retention becomes very obvious--this observation from when I was drinking more, now I only have 1-2 drinks per [I]month[/I].

Fatigue has become almost constant and sometimes even when I'm well-rested.. I also get nausea but it's far and few between. The most troubling thing for me that's happened in a while is short bursts of "confusion"--like a feeling of unreality. This was pretty bad the last 3 days although it finally seemed to diminish today. (sigh of relief)

bilirubin 1.2(0.2-1.2)
this one is "high end" too......also points to liver problems,hepatitis,gallstones.

MCH 32.8(27.0-33.0)
again at "high end"...."macrocytic(large)RBCs(red bld.cells)have a "higher" MCH...this points to some type of Anemia

MCHC 36.0(32.0-36.0)
"high end" again....I researched this one and a high level could mean Hyperchromia(I'll have to see what that means...I'm not familar with that one)

You said you had a previous drug/alcohol problem so I'm just wondering if tat has effected your health,because your labs are pointing to something going on with your liver and also with your blood sugar and possibly B12.

Your MCH points to a possible B12 deficiency....also your lower end platelets too.

Are you having any signs of fluid retention?I ask because this was one of my symptoms with low B12.

As I mentioned above, I've been having signs of fluid retention for a while. After I had been drinking heavily for a year, it started to become very obvious, although I put it down to the drinking. Then when I finally stopped all the booze, it wasn't overtly obvious anymore, but I still exhibit many signs of it, most recently in my hands/fingers.

Have you gotten any health insurance yet Bill?Really you need to have some current blood tests done.....the longer you wait the more you're putting your health in jeopardy.Possibly you could look into finding a free health clinic?

In the best interest of your health Bill you need to stay away from any least 'til you get a dx for your health ailments,okay?;)Drinking at this point is very could have serious consequences with a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Wish I could be of more help to ya....but we are all here for you Bill even if you can't get to a dr. for tests(we're not going to forsake you buddy!).


Well I managed to finally collect these results, that's one small step forward. Now the plan is to see the doctor again after Thanksgiving. The symptoms I plan to tell him include (most alarmingly) a swollen area on my chest, the urinary abnormalities, the confusion, and the water retention. But I have so many other "little" symptoms... a whole collection of them if you see my second post in this thread.. it's hard to tell where I should begin.

This time I *will* see the doctor and I'll get more blood tests per the doc's orders. This thing just keeps getting worse and worse.. :(
Re: Test results
Nov 29, 2008

Yes we're here for you......really concerned about you....well the B12 won't hurt you,but Rainbows End said it might make you feel a little for about 3 weeks.

I noticed after I get my B12 shot I feel a little achey for about 3 days...then I feel great for about 10 days or so(I think I need more B12).

The best B12 is the Methylcobalamin made by comes in 1,000 and 5,000 mcgs.......your body doesn't have to convert it like the cyanocabalamin.Do you have a whole food stores by you?They have it there plus they have people that know all about vitamins working there that can really help you with any concerns about your health and what vitamins to take.

Yes, we do have a Whole Foods store right nearby. That was where I got the "NOW B12 sublingual", little did I know at that time the liquid subs are crap, and anything with cyano is crap, so the one I got is certainly not going to be effective. I didn't know the Jarrows sublingual tablets were available there.

I will drop back in there tomorrow and hopefully they have it.

Really Bill I know how you feel...low B12 can makeyou feel like you're going crazy...especially with the confusion....I've had all those strange symptoms too with not being able to talk right.....after all low B12 presents with so many neurological symptoms so it's no wonder you feel so bad.....I know very well how bad it can and does get.

Try to relax....but if it get's too much for you then you need to see a dr......the longer you wait Bill the worse it might get.I told you your one test(MCH)is showing you are probably B12 deficient....this is a strong indicator.

You don't have any jaundice do you?(that would indicate hepatitis).Do you look pale like you're anemic?Do you get tightness in your legs?

No jaundice thank God, never had that one, and I do check the lower part of my eyes often. The paleness is an interesting question: I *have* noticed, when I feel like utter crap that I tend to look more pale than usual. I also have been getting something that sounds a lot like [B]orthostatic hypotension [/B]for about a year--getting up from sitting for a while I get fuzziness in my vision and feel like I could pass out, I also get red vision when getting up sometimes. I won't bore you with more details tho..

Don't know about the tightness, but I've said before that something is not right about my standing posture/gait.

I know you're wimpish,but I am too(very much!!!!),but it's because you're not feeling well that is making you feel more scared....I was the Same way...Really.

I'm here for ya can do a few things to help your body/mind relax.Take a small hand towel and soak part of it in really hot water and put in behind your feels good and the heat will loosen your tense muscles.Eat cereal that has a Lot of vitamins in total,special k,etc.Stay clear of any situations that might cause you stress....and try to eat red meat as much as possible(for the iron).

Sorry you're holiday was not pleasant for you.You'll get just need some encouragement...and it will get better for'll see a dr. when you're ready.


This place has been very helpful.

And I hate to ask too many questions but I did want to ask about high doses of B-vitamins and SSRIs. Some sources I've found said that B-vits with antidepressants might not be a good idea, because apparently both regimens have a similar function, but work in opposite ways. As in SSRIs calm the CNS while B-vits stimulate it. In your opinion, anything to this? Not that I think there is, tho.. it doesn't sound like an interaction per se.

Methylcobalamin is a cofactor of methionine, and I know that sAME (s-adenosyl methionine) is actually [B]contraindicated [/B]if you take SSRIs. Just wondering...
Re: Test results
Nov 30, 2008
hello Bill:)

hope you had a better day today.well I like reading your posts...I just wish I could offer you more help.

hey having protein in your urine...I know all about that...I had a Lot(30+) in my urine when I was B12's a Fact that when your body is low in vitamins protein will leak out of your blood vessels and cause fluid retention.maybe that's your only health problem>low B12<...and that's not so bad Bill......I know it can be very frightening to wonder if you have a serious medical issue,but it could be just something simple that can be low B12..if it is then you'll get B12 injections and you will get better!!!!:)

Bill just start this process slowy.Just call a dr. or clinic and tell them you want a B12 level test and urinalysis,because of your symptoms.Drs. will not give you a hard time about it if you tell them a friend who's a nurse suggsted that you might have low B12 due to your symptoms.;)

You can do it Bill...whatever you decide that's know we'll all be here for you no matter what happens.

Make sure you ask for help in the vitamin section and tell them what you're taking(anti-depressant)...they shouldknow if it's dangerous to combine that with the methylcobalamin.

Well let me tell you...I don't get any CNS stimulating effect from my B12 injections...I only feel less nervous,because B12 makes the myelin that covers your's called the myelin sheath and the B12 will correct your anxiety...better than the ant--depressants that just mask the problem.Not having adequate B12 will reak havoc on your CNS...and that may be why you're having anxiety.....I know...I've been there...and it's a nightmare to say the least.:(

Your bowel problems,feeling like you can't feel the ground with your feet,possible fluid retention & dehydration,tight jaw,vision problems,confusion,stomach problems,weakness when holding small objects,stress>these are all symptoms of possible B12 deficiency<

So "if" you see a dr. tell the dr. about these symptoms.I think you'll feel a lot better just "knowing" there is a reason for your symptoms.I hope it is low B12....seems very like it to me!:)

Hang in there Bill....we all look forward to hearing from're our buddy!

Also it would take less time in the long run if you could ask for that MMA test with the B12 level...or like Rainbows End suggested the "uMMA" which they test from your urine...that way you don't have to go back to the dr, and ask for it if your B12 level is "low normal".....;)


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