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Re: Test results
Nov 21, 2008
To put my test results in context, here's my symptoms again:

- Constant head pressure (first symptom)
- Occasional periods of confusion
- Massive brain fog, poor short term memory
- Fatigue, tiredness
- Lots of floaters in the eye, which may appear out of nowhere and change on the fly--tolerable, but very annoying
- Daily tinnitus (mostly in the left ear, but occasionally "switches" to the right ear)
- Slight lessening of sensation on different areas of the body (occasional numbness/tingling)
- Visual problems, most noticeably is difficulty moving my eye muscles (seems to be tied in with head pressure)
- There is no preference for which eye is affected, both eyes don't move smoothly anymore...
- Eye twitches/involuntary eye movement
- Stiffness/postural problems, makes for awkward walking, but no actual problems with mobility. Could be partially due to sitting in front of a computer too long, lack of proper exercise, etc.
- Occasional trouble coordinating my leg movement, sometimes I can't feel the ground well.. "like walking on sponges"
- Unusual trouble with fine motor control, hard to hold small objects (I've been dropping small objects lately, and it's also harder to hold onto large objects too!)
- Stiff neck (could be from postural issues)
- Occasional trouble swallowing, my throat sometimes feels tighter; and my jaw doesn't always cooperate properly (it's like my jaw isn't coordinated anymore; a similar effect with my eye muscles)
- Snapping jaw, like it's out of alignment (sometimes my jaw "tweaks to the left" involuntarily)
- Caffeine ingestion seems to cause occasional blurred vision and floaters, but not always.
- Occasional light sensitivity
- Frequent foamy urine (but not constant)
- Slight water retention in face/hands/feet
- Sweating during sleep—the sweat has a sweet/fragrant odor to it
- Alcohol intolerance. It makes most of my symptoms worse, especially the eye twitching/involuntary eye movement stuff--more than 3 drinks and I notice worsened symptoms the next day, well past the hangover stage
- My constipation (always a problem) is worse than ever
- Bowel movements are more difficult--the stools are shaped oddly, and I can't empty my bowels thoroughly, it always feels incomplete.
- Basically it feels like my abdominal/lower back muscles aren't cooperating fully, and that's a possible explanation for why bowel movements are a lot harder
- Cold *or* warmth in the extremities at times where I shouldn't be feeling either cold or warm...

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