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Hi Saint~

Your pains in the legs are very familiar to me. I could hardly walk. It was like rubber bands tied around my legs and the pain was like you would imagine someone with arthritis. Stairs for me were horrible and I live on the 3rd floor. My family would stand behind me and push my butt up the stairs. For some strange reason, when they pushed, I would walk more normal without the strain.

Come to find out, people with chiari are know to have tethered cord. The band at the bottom of the spinal cord that attatches to the tail bones stretches too tight and it drags down the brain. They snip the cord at the bottom and then the cords floats freely. I had this done and my leg issues have improved dramatically!! I can do the stairs all by myself:D And the pain is gone. I can now run (but it builds up the pressure in my head to do that so I don't LOL) So thats something to look into. The brain stem on the MRI will be elongated. On a normal MRI is plump. I can see this on my own MRI. The other thing that was an issue was bowel and bladder issues which my surgery has helped this alot.

Of course, the cognitive issues are still a big thing so I can sympathize with you there. It makes it difficult when your trying to be productive in your job.

I just wanted to pass the TC thing along. This may be the cause of your leg issues, and not the chiari itself. If I had to do the surgery all over again, I'd do it in a heart beat because of the results I recieved from it. I now have normal legs , but a very abnormal head still:D

Take care


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