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I have taken 5000mcg of Jarrows methylB12 for the last 3 days. I let the lozenges dissolve slowly over a period of 30 minutes, approximately.

The only things I've noticed so far are chronic tiredness/urge to sleep, minor slowing of muscular functions (nothing major), and a greater degree of full-body sensation loss (my leg doesn't feel like my leg, etc.)

While I can't lie that I've felt glimpses of "wow, I feel good" throughout these three days, esp. the first day of methylB12, these moments only last for a couple minutes and then I either feel crappy (like always) or just sleepy again.

This has seemingly done very little, if anything, for mental confusion/dissociative states which have been very worrying in the last two weeks. [B]My mental efficiency is still far below par, and shows no signs of improvement, which is a MAJOR disappointment.[/B]

It's not done anything for head pressure or feelings of things "pressing" in my back and abdomen. I still have minor trouble swallowing, still have trouble holding/gripping objects. I still have trouble with posture and gait. I still have "misaligned eyes." I still have blurry vision and other visual disturbances esp. when consuming caffeine and/or high sugar products. I still have a "faint" sensation when getting up from sitting for a while, which often occurs with reddish vision--a sign of orthostatic hypotension. My mood is still pretty unstable, another surprise, given B12's reputation for stabilizing the nerves.

What gives??

(I know you've all been urging me to see a doctor for these and other concerns, to which I agree. I have been holding out, however, because of a family member's recent illness which has diverted my attention for a bit.)

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