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[QUOTE=scout316;3819052]hey Bill:)
maybe you could try testing your blood sugar this way....test it one hour after eatting...then an hour later have to see the rise and the drop in it...the way you did it was not an accurate way to test it.the standard "glucose intolerance" test measures your blood sugar evey 30 minutes for 5-7 hours...depending on which one your dr. wants...5 or 7 hours.

blood sugar problems can cause anxiety,shakiness,vision disturbances,sweating,nausea,confusion,fainting,pins'n needles feelings,lethargy,mouth quivering,memory many things.:(

you could try eatting smaller meals throughout the day and make sure you eat a protein snack before going to bed to tide you over the night(like cheese,nuts,meat sandwich,hard boiled egg) your blood sugr stays stable.I was on a hypoglycemic diet,because my blood sugar would drop to the 40's...and when I would get tested it was usually 60-65.

well hope you are doing okay~Cindy has been busy with her store and drs. appointments...she's getting a big test on friday....RainbowsEnd is busy too I think with her work..she makes dolls.....and with the holidays coming up real fast us girls have sooo many things to do...haha...but I'm sure they'll pop back on again~


I followed your advice. Here are the symptoms I was noticing (which prompted the blood sugar check): numb fingers, tingling in hands, warmth for no reason, thirst for no reason, mental confusion, visual oddities.

I tested my blood sugar at 6:30 today, which was 5 minutes after a meal. The reading came out to 81 mg/dL.

I then checked it at 7:30, came out to 115 mg/dL.

The last reading took place at 8:40, came out to 94 mg/dL.

Things to note are that I felt better after having the meal (some symptoms diminished), but that I still had symptoms throughout the entire course of the 2 hours, it's just that they seemed to shift around a bit.

What would the readings suggest to you?

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