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I don't know if these are the spots/lesions you're referring to but Calcium deposits (they look like spots on MRI or CT) are very common.

There are over 50 different causes of calcium deposits. From a simple bump to the head to stroke. Only your doctor can figure out where the deposits are coming from.

The lesions seen in MS can be mimicked by other disorders, making diagnosis even more challenging. Malabsorption syndromes like Celiac Disease, vitamin deficiencies, herniated discs in the neck, even age - if your over 50 you're more likely to have these MS-like lesions.

But I'm sure the folks in the Multiple Sclerosis topic can give you a much better answer than me! You should ask there, they'll know the MRI details and what they mean. I only know about spots/lesions from having Celiac. In Celiac, calcium deposits can actually cause seizures.

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