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my brain mri came back normal now what? I was in an accident the beginning of September and have had constant pain in my head ever since. The cat scan and mri came back normal. The pain has gotten worse in the last week and I am due back to work in a few weeks. I can't function like this much less work! I started acupuncture (2nd visit is today) and have a follow-up with the neuro the week before I am to return to work. What else can I do??
After my car accident (a loooong time ago) I suffered whiplash, smacked my head good and had this unrelenting headache that nothing seemed to help. Tried physical therapy, muscle relaxants, painkillers. Finally, my doc ordered an mri on my head, neck, shoulders. Yup, soft tissue damage. So I started a different type of physical therapy, stopped taking the pills and began seeing a chiropractor.

Made all the difference in the world! To this day, unfortuantely, I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders, but at least it's manageable by a trip to the chiropractor maybe once every six months.

As feelbad said, there are lots and lots of nerves that wrap around the spine, go up to the neck, and can cause head pain. So don't hesitate to call your doc and have him/her explore the possibility of getting a MRI.

Good luck!

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