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I had 2 atlas orthogonal adjusments so far but before i get into to that hes my story...i've been having problems with my neck since my snowboarding accident for about 2 years now...the only thing i had tried untill now was massage from a sports doctor and osteopath wich seemed to give me temporary relief from the stabing sensasion i was feeling in my neck and pressure in the back of my head.
A couple of months ago i started getting nerve pain from my neck that traveled underneath my shoulderblade to my arm...i knew i had to do something about it before it gets worse so i went to physio for one session wich made it nerve got inflated and i had to go to the hospital from the pain all they did was give me pills and sent me home...After taking antiflamatories for 10 days it calmed down and i could function then 1 day i was on youtube and came accros a video of a lady that was on the show "The D'rs" she had the same problems i had except the headaches i never had headaches..she had an atlas orthogonal adjustment....i thought i had found the solution to my problems and it made sense so i did some research and i found the closest chiro that had that machine.
The chiro did the X-Rays and found that my atlas was misalligned by 2.5 degrees to the right wich explains why i felt the pressure in the back of my head and numb shoulder,he also did x-rays after the adjustment to see if it went back in place but he only showed me the next session..after doing my first adjustmnet i felt like a weight came off my shoulder and my neck got loose in fact too loose...just felt a little weird but slept good that night.I woke up good just felt a little sore in the neck no big deal but in the afternoon afetr moving around for a bit around my house i felt nauseous and had all kinds of symptoms but didnt last long...i took a relaxent and at night the muscles got all loose again i almost felt like i had no neck..Had another good nightsleep and felt better the next day till a little sore though but no symptoms...I already had another apointment that day so i told the chiro i felt better.He showed me the x-rays that we took after the adjustment and told me my atlas moved back to 0.25 almost straight but another vertebra had moved to 3 degrees wich was previously at 2.5 but he said it was in a good way dont know what he ment by that.I should of stoped right there cause i was feeling better..He did another adjustment and i didnt feel any different that night..The next day i woke up good once again and i had movement in my neck that i had lost for a long time so i steped out to rent a dvd with my girlfriend,while i was in the videostore i turned my neck to the left to look at something and it felt almost like i got hit by lighting in the neck causing me major nerve problems and i thought i was gonna die it almost felt like i had just hit my head and there was new trauma there like the day i fell..i was able to sleep after taking another relaxent..Its been a few days now that im recovering and its the same patern pretty much,i wake up in the morning feeling almost normal then as the day goes on i get all kinds of symptoms tiredness,leepyness,lihtheadedness,depression,uscle spasmes in the neck and lower back,pressure in the back of the head and of course soreness is always there...the only 2 possitive things are the relief i have in my neck were i used to feel the stabing sensation and more movement in my neck other than that i hate how i feel i'd rather have pain then what i feel now...i was told its my body trying to heal itself..i hope it wont last too long cause i cant live like this...i wonder if other ppl that did this felt this way..I didnt go to my apointment today cause im scared what its gonna do to me again ill wait and c how i feel for a couple of dayz and then i might go again if i feel not saying atlas orthogonal adjustment is bad cause it did give me some relief in the areas that i needed but gave me a bunh of other problems ..not everybody reacts this way i guess...i suggest before you do it though to take some days off work cause you might feel very tired the next day

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