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Dec 12, 2008
hopefully someone can help. i have been having night sweating extreme anxiety, body jerks, head twitches, for years i have had occasions of very fast dizzy spells only lasting a second but it feels really fast and like im going to black out or something. also having dream like states before sleeping and when arisng. off and on for years. {lucid dreaming i think you call it}. could this be something neurological. i was hit in my car from behind when i was 20 and my head and neck jerked extremely from the impact. i dont know if this is when it started or not . woke up one morning years later with extreme dizziness couldnt even walk and heart pounding. said i had inner ear infection had mri at that point but showed nothing. now after all these years i have these symptoms. have become very depressed and get very nervous easily, confusion or weird thoughts etc(PANICKY FEELING) feel like im losing it. could this be at all from the symptoms ive described

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