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it could just be your anatomy. was this a sudden onset type thing or something that has always kind of been there? have you lost any wieght like in the facial area recently? this would more than likely be an artery and not a vein. veins don;t carry enough pressure to even pulsate like arteries do. unless you had something like a fistula happening there you should not have a pulsating vein. are you having any other actual 'symptoms" to speak of or do you just notice this pulsation from time to time? i too can see(and sometimes just 'feel it' going on up there too,not by actually touching it,just 'knowing') that little artery sometimes actually pulsate. i am not too sure why,but my brain has been scanned again and again,for alot of different reasons so i know it is not anything abnormal there(the artery is just very close to the skin surface there). if you have any other odd symptoms or this just concerns you,see your doc about it. he or she can send you for an MRI with contrast or an MRA which only will pick up just the arterial structures within our brains. but for the most part,this is 'probably" just a normal thing that alot of us can actually see/feel going on at times. any doubts,see your doc. please keep me posted. Marcia

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