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So update:

Last night I made an effort to not sleep on the side that I believed was troublesome, and I barely got any sleep trying to sleep on my back and/or left side. I started a course of vitamin B12 and Aleve last night. I thought I felt slightly better than I have been today when I woke up.

I saw my PCP today. After an hour, she told me that it's likely that I have some problems with a pinched nerve in the neck or spine. She prescribed a physical therapist that I am going to go see tomorrow. In the mean time, she had the nurse give me an injection of Toradol, a potent anti-inflammatory. Within an hour I seemed like I felt 80% better; the Toradol seemed to relieve me of most of the detached and "wooziness" I had been feeling all this time.

As of this writing I still feel about 80% better. I hope that I continue to feel better after sleep. I also was prescribed some muscle relaxers, which I have also taken.

I still have numbness/odd sensation in my right pinky and left leg.

She said it's still possible that the culprit was meningitis; she told me that it sometimes takes upwards of 3 - 4 weeks for such symptoms to alleviate completely with it or other odd viruses that cause similar symptoms.

To all you who have been having similar problems: did you ever get some Toradol injections???

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