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Re: Chiari
Jan 30, 2009
I figued I'll send along an update of my lovely life!! :D

I thought life was tough before. I could only be up for an hour or 2, then down for relief. I hated being so limited with my life.

So a while back, my GP decided I should be on an antidepressant. He has no knowledge at all about chiari. He thought, give me an antidepressant and my pain would go away. Another Doctor who believed anxiety and depression must be the cause. So I took it to appease him. Not much changed because for one, I'm not depressed. So he upped my dose. He then realized that the pain I was dealing with was real and said to me "thats not living Cindy" no kidding doc!!

A week into the higher dose, my life that I thought was doomed, got worse!! Before, lying down gave me relief. Now, I was in pain up, down and all day long, no reprieve!! I was getting so frustrated. I have oxycodone but as most of you know, I'm very careful in my usage because I fear addiction. Well, even those didn't let up the pain.

It finally donned on me that something had changed for me and what I would give to go back to my life of resting for relief. I figured the only thing differant was the zoloft, the antidepressant. Looked up the side affects and guess what? HEADACHES!!! GRRRR!! And tingling sensations and other neurological things that I l've with all the time.

Knowing my Dr wouldn't know if this was what was causing my pain to increase, I emailed TCI. I did get a response that my nurse would ask my Dr. Of course, I never got an answer. So I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands. I stopped the Zoloft. But, Zoloft takes weeks to build up in the system and weeks to leave it as well. Its been 2 weeks and I'm finally able to lie my head on a pillow without it killing me. The good thing is it makes me appreciate that although I have to rest often, at east I can maintain a level of relief. So I'm greatful for that!!

my fusion surgery is February 18th. Only a couple weeks to go. I'm definately not looking forward to the recovery but I am going in knowing at TCI I am in good hands. The tethered cord surgery was successful so I have hopes this will be too. I quit smoking almost a week ago. It was a must in order to heal from the surgery.They are putting a substance on the rods to hold up my skull and this substance will eventually grow bone over these rods. Smoking may prevent the growth so I decided to do it right and quit. Its actually been pretty easy. But when you know your health depends on quittin, It does make it easier.

So thats my update. Life is surely interesting and ever changing living with this illnes but we get through somehow;)

One more thing. I finally swallowed my pride and applied for social security. The intake person was awsome and very optomistic!! So theres hope.

Everyone have a great weekend. Lets focus on our famlies and the good things that life has given us!!


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