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I have 3 doctors all telling me something different from the same lyme test. One says I have lyme and two say no-not significant enough to warrant the symtoms i have. My neurologist put me on meds for migranes-mind you I have no headaches, lots of pressure and fog but no headache. I should probably start from the beginning, cuz i really need some help here. In nov-dec was having some occassion dizziness, and was fatigues. By Jan, i was so dizzy i couldn't take it anymore, i went to the ER and had a CT and whole blood workup. Came up I had atrophy- sent to neuro.In the meantime ER calls me back says my lyme came up positive and put me on doxy.followed up with the neuro. Neuro did physical said I was fine, but when the symptoms kept progressing he sent me for a mri. I have two lesions-which I don't even understand what they are? Then came the cerival spine MRI. One bone has a little fog, neuro said probably a collection of blood vessels. Found myself in the ER because i thought I was having a stroke. My face was numb, what a terrible experience. They gave me a shot of ceftin and sent me on my way. Took me off the lyme medicine because he said my western blot was not significant enough to warrant meds. COntinued with tests, EMG- was fine. In the meantime my general doctor retested me for lyme. and just last week came up positive again. She put me back on meds, this time ceftin. she is the only one that is trying to treat me for lyme. My neuro and the infectious disease doctor say my blood results are not siginificant enough for the smyptoms i have. My doctor says lyme effects everyone differently. I don't know what to do? If my blood test came back positive but not with enough bands to be considered positive by the cdc do I have lyme?
dizziness, motion sickness
extreme light sensitivity
numbness in face, neck
numbness in whole body
brain fog
the back of my head feels 100 lbs
bands of pressure in head
in the beginning my arm was burning

please help i am so worried.

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