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Re: Please help
Feb 27, 2009

I usually post on the Inner Ear Boards. Your symptoms mimic so many conditions, that probably all the advice you get is well intended.

Here's another idea. Your symptoms could be from a type of migraine variant. Migraines fall into the neurological category, and symptoms can vary, be bizarre, and mimic other conditions. Most people think that "migraine" means "headache", but actually it means "poor blood flow". With migraine conditions, the arteries of whatever area is being affected constrict and spasm. Depending on the location, severity and length of spasm, your symptoms could vary.

Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV) is where you have spasming of arteries in the base of the brain. The predominant symptom is more along the lines of feeling woozy/dizzy/faint - you may or may not a headache on some level. Along with this, you may feel unbalanced, surreal, and/or deal with visual issues. Migraine does strange things - you can feel "electric" shocks or zings, have numbness, feel like you're going crazy - the list is long.

Also, you might be dealing with a low blood pressure issue. Low blood pressure is healthy, but sometimes too low can make you feel faint.

It's a natural reaction for people to many times "think the worst" when they develop a new symptom. When I first starting dealing with my "head symptoms" (what I call them), I also worried about MS, a brian tumor or even Mad Cow Disease. With today's technology, it is easy to often times check or rule out the worst case scenario.

Symptoms like yours can be difficult to pinpoint a diagnosis because often times they are benign (harmless) even if they FEEL like they aren't.

Have a discussion with your doctor. S/he will know what to look for in terms of serious conditions.

You may want to check out the Inner Ear Board, because there are many posters on there that experience the same kinds of symptoms. You are not alone.

Take care.

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