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Possible M.S.?
Feb 26, 2009
Hello! I'm a 22 year old female who has been having a lot of health related issues over the last four or five months. Back in October, I started to have a dull pain in my left calf. A few weeks after that I began to have this odd sort of mild tingling in my left leg, foot, and thumb. Thinking I'd pulled a muscle, I went to the student health center at my university. The doctor there did some sensation tests and noted that I had some loss of feeling on the back of my left leg (near where the pain was) and also that my left side was quite a good deal weaker than my right.

That doctor referred me to a neurologist who put me through a bunch of tests: blood tests (all normal except for some slightly wonky thyroid levels), an EMG (which was normal), another nerve conduction test (also normal), and a ton of MRI's (normal except for a pineal cyst in my brain which the neurologist said was harmless). After a few weeks, the pain and tingling went away and the weakness improved significantly. I was diagnosed with myelitis and went on my way.

Then a few weeks ago in February I started having heart palpitations and went back to the health center. They had me undergo a holter monitor study which showed one episode of supraventicular tachycardia. I haven't had any problems since.

Cut two a week and a half ago and I contracted a cold/flu type thing. A day later the left side of my body hurt terribly and the tingling came back. *This* time, however, it seems to go away when I walk around. I also have brief periods of time where my leg or arm feel extremely tired, like I just exercised a lot.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I'm extremely worried about MS and ALS.

(Sorry for the long length!)

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