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To start, the findings is a result of my mother recently going to the hospital for a ruptured brain aneurysm. The surgeon suggested that the children be pre-screened for similar issues.

I have had symptoms that I ignored for a while, as I thought they were just sinus related, or maybe tension headache related. I never use to get headaches before but since my mother was in the hospital I get them almost daily. I think this may actually be related to a sinus infection and anxiety.
I have had high blood pressure on and off for 7 years. I have been having it treated, lost weight, didn’t have to be on meds, gained weight back and now have to be back on meds.

I have heard what sound like bubbles every now and again in the back of my neck and I had a pupil that would dilate (left eye) when I was tired at night. It would do it no other time.

I went for the MRI scan (for the pre-screen) expecting to not find anything. When I went back to pickup my results the neurologist handed me a paper that read:
“Incident finding a small cavernous hemangioma, in the inferior posterior right temporal lobe, with subtle appearance of hemosiderin deposition, this may indicate remote hemorrhage.“
Size was 7 x 5mm (what does that mean?)

He said that it was at the very end of a blood vessel and that is where pressure is at its lowest. He didn’t seem too worried about it and said that he would like to see me back for a follow up in about a year.

Of course I called mom and she called her surgeon and he wants me to get a copy of the images from the MRI along with the paperwork they wrote up for a second opinion. That is a month away though and I am already going through strides of extreme anxiety.

I understand what they found, but the 2nd part I don’t understand. What does “appearance of hemosiderin deposition, this may indicate remote hemorrhage” mean?

I know there are worse things out there but I can’t even begin to explain how freaked out this has made me. If someone could give me some advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

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