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hi Dawn...& everyone!:wave:

The muscle spasms was one of my worst sx:confused:I also heard about magnesium helping with that,but it didn't work for me.I really think the change in my hormone balance threw everything off.My new GP backs me up on that!

Here is a list of all my sx....most of them are gone now.

severe muscle weakness
parathesis(pins'n needles in feet/hands)
shortness of breath
sore,red,glossy tongue
decreased appetite
off balance,trouble walking
loss of fine touch(couldn't even count change without my fingers/hands
cramping up)
MRI in 1999 showed mild cerebellar atrophy(modified after B12 therapy)
dizziness(also occasional vertigo)
Lhermitte's sign(electric-like shocks down neck through whole body)
Positive Romberg's sign(increased unsteadiness on feet when eyes are
tinnitus(ringing in ears)
urinary incontinence
vision disturbances(simple sensory seizures)
taste impairment
impaired pain/touch perception
impaired vibration,position sense
muscle fasiculations and spasms in ankles,calves,feet,back
unable to tolerate heat(made sx worse)
unable to tolerate cold
sinus pain(more than usual)
fluid retention(swollen legs)
low blood pressure
irregular heartbeat(slight mitro valve prolapse)
severe pain in spinal cord

Well that's about all of them....what a laundry list of sx!!!!

Yes B12 levels can change.....within a short amount of weeks!It blows my mind to think how one little B12 vitamin was responsible for all those sx!!!!So the university neuro was wasn't from the chiari after all..........something to definitely think about.:angel:

Dawn do any of your sx seem similar to the ones I had?Thanks for sharing so much about your health issues....I never heard of a cavernoma,but I am very interested in researching that one.:)

Have lovely day everyone~

hi dawn

well you have a lot going on....but I admire the way you're dealing with it so's really a long,hard road trying to find out what is happening with your health....if only the drs. could put it all together and say "this is what the dx is for each sx".......hopefully one day that will come about.:angel:

Actually "twitching" or muscle spasms/fasiculations is related to hormone changes......I have researched this and was amazed at all the sx menopause causes.....everything from those well known hot flashes/night sweats to some people aren't aware just what a toll menopause can put on your body and how much it does effect your brain/nervous system.I know what I'm talking about listed standard"text book" sx of peri and meno...I thought I was going to laugh myself off the chair I was sitting on and it also upset me at the same time.You talk about drs. not knowing everything,but you don't know it all either.We are supposed to be lending emotional support along with helpful advice...not pushing everyone to go get an Igenex lyme test and then drilling it into their heads that they have lyme...this is not the lyme board........chiari,cavernomas,b12 deficiencies,anemias,menopause...these are real disorders and people are sensitive about their situations and do not need to be scared out of their minds that they might have lyme.........I'm starting to wonder what your problem is.

Sorry if I offended anyone here,but I know there are others besides myself that are just getting tired of the lyme brain washing...we are real people with lots of different health problems and yes lyme is a real serious health issue,but so are all the other health issues here.Somebody had to address this and so there it is.

Have a good night everyone~

dx occult B12 deficiency march 2000
6mm cerebellar tonsillar ectopia dx dec.2006
(not consistent with chiari I malformation)
dx simple sensory seizures feb.1999


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