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Hi Scout,

Yes I have some of those symptoms

Shortness of breath absolutely drives me crazy. Plus makes me panic a bit and then breathting gets worse

tongue numbness
decreased appetite
taste impairment
I think these three go together

dizziness maybe contributed to shortness of breath due to hyperventalation
as well as fast heart rate

blurry vision mostly right eye
I also experiance lots of muscle pain. Muscle spasm which really don't hurt but are very annoying they happen everywhere even in my hands very strange.

How long did it take for your symptoms to go away after you started getting your B-12?
Did all of these resolve?

Can you tell me about your Chiari? Did you have a csf study done and did it show it was good? Were your dr's telling you that it shouldn't be causing symptoms? I don't get the usual "Chiari" headaches however when I really strain to move a piece of furniture or lift something heavy, or really do physical things I do tend to get what has been described as a chiari headache. For as long as I remember I would have someone rub the back of my skull to relieve it so I suppose I have always struggled with that. But it is not an everyday issue and is something I can deal with.

Bethsheba to answer your question and I am not a Chiari expert I only know what i have been told and what I have read. A Chiari malformation is something that you are born with. Some people claim that they got a malformation from a car accident but I believe that dr's have said they probably had the chiari and after the accident it was discovered as the accident caused the symptoms to appear. i know that there are cases out there of people that have a very small chiari and as the years go by they have gotten worse although I don't know what the causes were to make them get bigger.

I don't know if I have had this all my life although I did have symptoms about 5 years ago and was sent for an mri of the brain. No chiari was mentioned but reviewing this mri years later it is there plain as day and radiologist missed it or didn't know about it. There are probably many people that have one but not a lot of docs are knowledgable about it. What is your take on this Scout? Is that what you have been told?

I am anxious to see my neuro and get some testing done to if nothing else at least rule some things out. I actually would be relieved to find something to explain why I feel like this.

Oh I forgot to mention the sinus issue....I have for the past several months been getting swollen sinuses. It is worse on the right side and that also makes breathing difficult. A nurse told me that being 47 and possible pre menapausel could contribute to this. It has been a big issue as well

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