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[QUOTE=Kasey443;4044871]I don't know but I don't think so. My head pressure is either caused by allergies, which I have in the spring and summer, or when I have neck problems, then I will have head pressure. I have never known of bad posture causing these symptoms. If you have the off balance problem, trouble concentrating, and head pressure, but no problems with your neck, or upper back, these symptoms can be a reaction to something in the air, where the sinuses swell, causing pressure in the head, fullness in the ears, because the ear canal is narrower or blocked, and this then causes the balance problems.[/QUOTE]

Then if not from bad posture, what kinds of things can cause the trigger point problem you've often mentioned?

I should say I have some occasional balance problems, massive brain fog, and head pressure, but dizziness is a rare symptom for me. Actual headache is uncommon, but head pressure is constant.

Is there any way to test if this could be sinus/allergy related?

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