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If you have dizzy spells, balance problems, light headedness, trouble remembering things, confusion, headaches, etc., and have been to the doctor and been tested and they can find nothing wrong, one thing many doctors overlook to check is your "trigger points " in your upper back and neck.
These are deep areas in the back and neck, in the muscles that are in spasm, or knots, that put pressure on the blood vessels going to the brain, affecting the oxygen and blood flow to the brain causing all of these symptoms and many more.
I spent 6 solid months with these symptoms and going to the doctor all the while being treated for a virus. I felt out of it half the time and felt like I was losing it.
I eventually found out they were all caused by a problem in my upper back and neck muscles. You do not have to have pain to have this problem, I didn't.
Please go to your neuro. or to a physical therapist and ask to have your trigger points check, and tell them your symptoms. It can only help you if this is the source.
I did go to physical therapy and from my first day on, continued to get better. I no longer am suffering.
The therapist does what they call soft tissue work, where they knead the knots out of these areas, this is turn takes the pressure off the blood vessels so you have good blood and oxygen flow to the brain.
I hope this helps anybody who has had all the tests and still no answers, as this is very often overlooked as the cause and very simple to fix. Good luck to all of you.
Hi, yes I had x-rays by a doc and an MRI by the neuro. The original problem was caused by a car accident where I received a whiplash and all of these symptoms. The next time these symptoms came on was over a year after I was done with my treatments. I overdid cleaning and strained my neck. I rested and thought it would go away. The pain went away, but all it did was turn into more symptoms, the dizzy spells, light headedness, feeling of out of it etc. Which is why I was first being treated for an inner ear problem, a virus etc.
I do know there is a reason to have this problem in the first place like you said, and something that brings it on, and it doesn't have to be anything severe or memorable. I helped one guy on here years ago who had been searching for answers for a year. He had been diagnosed with menieres disease a year before and taken off work. He went back to his neuro., asked that these be checked and found he had a severe problem with this. He also found out he didn't have menieres disease and was very happy. He went to a therapist and had these areas treated then and got to go back to work.
I just know it helped me immensely and living like that can be almost unbearable. Thankyou for your information
Oh I forgot to tell you that I had a mild bulging disk in my neck, and was going to the chiro. This helped some, but the neuro. did a test on my muscles. He sent me to PT. The main problem was my muscles in my neck, I couldn't move my neck at all at first. But even when I was done with therapy, the symptoms came back when I overdid it again, not much pain, more dizzy spells and light headedness. So I made sure I finished it this time instead of stopping early because I felt OK.

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