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I woke up about 2weeks ago nd noticed that one pupil was smaller than the other and not contracting as usual.. nd the other was extremely large! i went 2 c an optician nd he referred me 2 a hospital. that evening i didnt feel so well nd the next morning i was rushed 2 A&E. i couldnt focus and my balance was off nd i needed someone to steady me wen i walked. the light gave me rele bad headaches and i wasnt completely aware of what was going on around me. the right side of my face was sort of numb and my right eye was dropping a little (the one that wudnt contract). wen in the hospital they gave me a CT Scan nd the first time they couldnt even find my brain!! the second one, after being given dye 2 help it show up they told me that everything was fine and told me 2 c an eye specialist.

i went back to hospital a few days later and saw the eye specialist. he inspected my eyes and told me that i do need glasses (as before) but my prescription had changed a little nd that he cudnt find any explaination for the pupil difference?? he told me 2 get the new glasses and come bak to see a neurologist.

i got the glasses and wen i came once again to the hospital and saw a neurologist this time, he cudnt understand y it was just the side of my face and not my hand and leg too.. he has asked for me to have an MRI scan done and get back to him after that, but why am i having an MRI when the CT showed up nothing?? Is it just me or am i goin around in circles here?

The head aches are getting worse and worse and ive noticed that im getting tooth ache too. today when i woke up the headache was in both sides of my head not just the right side!! im wondering if it could be comin from my teeth as i have been sleeping with a brace to straighten them and it moves my teeth back. could this have affected the nerve if my wisdom teeth are also trying to come through?? the ache is now from the back of my jaw and i have pressure in my head.

ive also been getting shooting pains down my right arm and sometimes my right breast.

why?? does anyone have any ideas? i dont understand wats goin on.. my CT Scan showed that nothin was wrong?!


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