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I had annoying symptoms for 3 days-appeared suddenly, disappeared suddenly. I experienced the same thing on a few separate occassions, with slight variability in # and severity of symptoms. It starts with vertigo and clumsiness in left hand (don't know if related, but my heart rate was also up), and progresses to tingling in left side of face feeling like I'm drooling out corner of mouth (no drooping) left arm and leg tingling and weak/clumsy, and difficulty pronouncing some words.

I am 28 y.o. fem. and have 2 separate MRI reports (got my med recs to change docs--unrelated). The first report(brain): "6 mm T2 signal hyperintensity @ R parietal occipital periventricular white matter" and "2 mm focal area of T2 prolongation at splenium of L corpus callosum abutting L occipital horn" "both areas demonstrate no abnormal enhancement".
2nd report (cervical): "Ill-defined hypointensity @ T1 and hyperintensity at T2 w/ ring of peripheral hypointensity on T2 within left-side of inferior pons."
Neuro said MRI was negative on brain, but the symptoms continue--he concludes it is from a left paracentral protrusion(C5-6 disc herniation) Another doc (not neuro) disagrees the disc would cause facial/vertigo symptoms.

Any ideas what these reports mean? Suggestions for possible other conditions that cause these symptoms? Is a second opinion worth it?

Thank you

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