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My problem began about 6 months ago, with my right eye. Whenever I set in front of the computer or the TV or even just looking to some brightening light source, I began to feel 'burn' in my right eye (of course , ‘burn’ is symptom to ‘pain’ ), and I can hardly read anything on the screen with it because everything then becomes blurred. The degree of ‘blur’ isn’t that high, but of course you can’t read correctly when the letters (and every other thing indeed) are blurred rather than sharp and clear. Even worse, if I resume sitting in front of the computer for a larger time (4 or 5 hours) then I begin to feel headache in my right half of brain.

I’ve tested my both eyes 5 times already, and the result was always 6/6 with both of them. I tested them with a computerized testing machine that measures the degree of deviation; the result was positive: I have no problem at all. I must insist that I’ve been to 5 doctors and tested many kinds of medicines:

[COLOR="Purple"]# Sensitivity eye drop (two types, one of them is FML)
# Dryness eye ointment
# ‘Blink’ eye drop
# ‘Oflox’ eye drop (for the treatment of external ocular organism)
# Vitamins for the eye (B6, B12)[/COLOR]

All these medicine were useless. The fifth doctor – who is a first consultative – told me that [COLOR="Blue"]MY EYE HAS NO PROBLEM AT ALL, AND MY PROBLEM IS NOT CAUSED BY IT, RATHER IT IS RELATED TO THE NERVEUS SYSTEM .[/COLOR]

[I]<< But before going to the neurologist I’ve taken a nasal sinuses X-RAY image just to be sure…but the nasal doctor said that there’s no problem with it.>>[/I]

The neurologist said that my problem is caused by some residuals of an old disease that infect me 9 years ago: [COLOR="Red"][B]7th cranial nerve disorder[/B][/COLOR], and therefore he decided that my eye problem is due to this disorder , and prescribed me a treatment just as if I have the 7th CND , which is

[COLOR="purple"]# 10 pills of Prednisone tab 20mg (daily)
# 5 injections of Adenoplex Flort (day after day)[/COLOR]

Until now , I have taken 4 pills and 2 injections , yes , the remedy hasn’t finished yet , but I didn’t feel better , not even slightly.

NOTE I: in normal conditions, I have no problem in my BOTH eyes at all; the problem starts only with the right eye after looking into a powerful light source or sitting in front of the computer.
NOTE II : the left eye has no problems even when sitting in front of computer.

NOTE III : I don't know how did the neurologist decided that I has 7th CND residuals although I've none of it's symptoms (mouth swelling , tasting sense weakness etc)

NOTE IV : turning the brightness of my LCD monitor to 0% makes things better , but the problem still exist .


Thanks in advance

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