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hi pelonis, yep have had these symtoms. have you had any CT /MRI's of your neck and head done?? ive had similar symptoms. i believe alot to do with it is anxiety however once you get this out of your system you can pin point what is actually happening, in my case my head pressure was brought on by the anxiety/stress, now that its out of my system my neck seems to be where the pressure radiates from and my latest ct scan has stated i have minor retrolisthesis of C4/C5. so perhaps get these done also. hang in there!
Hi Pelonis, I dont know that this is the cause of my symptom just yet, i am hoping so however i do feel confident seeing that i feel like i have exited all of the anxiety from my system. In my case i know the head pressure was caused by stress/anxiety, straining, all associated with panic attacks crazy thoughts which use to make my body and muscles tense (you dont notice this when thisis happening though). And you will find that your symptoms may manifest into other things or lessen into other things like mine went from head pressure, to balance problems to neck pressure with balance problems, to just neck pressure, this is why i believe anxiety has alot to do with it.

I have had blood tests done to check thyroids and other info, ct neck, ct brain, mri brain, have been to ENT (ear specialist) to rule that out. So next steps are to go to biofeedback where they hook you up to monitors to measure if you have any underlying stress anxiety in your body. also going to an osteo to target the retrolisthesis. everyones case may be different though. hope you can find out what it is for you.
WOW I am so glad I found someone with similar issues...tell me if you have a hard time speaking like because the pressure is to great in your head and chest that it makes it worse to talk...this is what i am experiencing everyday its near dibilitating and no one knows whats wrong no doctors or tests are revealing anything....but for me the pressure is bad but then gets wayyyyyyyyyyy worse when I talk a lot...and I also find it hard to exhale. Lots of pressure in the chest along with the heead almost like they are working in conjunction with each other to make me explode lol let me know if you feel anything like this please thank you!

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