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I am 31 and I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri in 2003. I have had an LP Shunt and 2 VP shunts and none have been working. I am living with the horrible symptons of this disease and I need help. I was approved for disability for this and I now have no insurance until I get Medicare through Disability in November. I have no doctor nor do I have any pain medication to help with the headaches and I am slowly seeing my vision get worse. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions of what I can do to get help?

Thank you for anything info you can give me.
Thanks for the info but I was on Topomax and Diamox and neither woked. This is my 3rd shunt and they are telling me my opening pressure is too high and the tubes may be too small but because of my insurance I can't find anyone to help me. How are you doing with this?

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