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with any real in depth surgery, it is a major trauma to the body with alot of things just trying to 'right' themselves over time. BUT in the case of any type of surgery that involves your brain or(in my particular case) the spinal cord. any NEW symptoms should be reported to your surgeons office. at least call and speak with your surgeons trusty side kick? usually either a PA or an NP. they will take down your info and speak with your surgeon. or, since it is the weekend,you can actually call their regular number to the service that hadles weekend and after hour calls, and actually get a call back from whoever, in that neurosurgery parctice just happens to be on call that particular weekend and explain ANY new or ongoing symptoms and that you have some concerns about this,espescially since these are indeed new symptoms? the best way to get ANY real surgeon on the phone IS by calling after hours or on a weekend. otherwise,during normal hours,you end up speaking to god knows who sometimes and never really know,unless that PA calls back whether or not your actual message even got thru. have had to go down this road myself a few different times with all my freaking surgeries too.

my best advice to you here would be to make that phone call over this weekend at some point to actually speak to a real NS. but before you do that, sit down and make a list of the ongoing and espescially those new symptoms so you can tell them exactly whats going on with you. one other thing i would VERY highly recommend to you if you have not been doing this already? is to start a little journal in like a notebook or something where you just jot down certain things you are feeling that particular day and keep doing this til you have your next follow up with that NS again. i actually kind of journalled all that took place with my cord surgery thruout that very first year(i had been told it would take at least one year to fully heal from this particular surgery). and now still will write down when something really new or just insane will pop in too. this really is the best thing you could do for yourself that would also give your surgeon the best possible timeline of all your symptoms post op. just having or even not having certain things/symptoms going on can mean different things to your surgeon,so it is really important with what you just had done to just keep track of things. it does not have to be huge everyday in what you write,just a few things about your healing process(pain levels and where you are actually feeling any pain) and what feels the worst today or if any new problems or improvements have taken place.

these are things that just helped me the most during my 'healing" timeframe". this info is also really intersting to just look back on or at a few years later too. i did not remeber alot of the stuff that i actually wrote down or was feeling post op til i read thru the journals i had done on my surgery and recovery. interesting reading way after the fact ya know? but i seriously would call your surgeons regular number this weekend and actually speak directly to a real live NS. you may even get lucky and actually get your own who just happens to be on call this weekend ya know? but the symptoms do need to be told to your surgeon somehow. let him or her(whoever you speak to when you call) decide what the right things are for you to be doing concerning the symptoms you are having. if your pain is way out of control, they may want you to be evaluated at the surgical hosp where this was done and could even Rx something that may help with pain too that just would work better than whatever you were getting already. just make that call and let them decide what needs to be done.

good luck with the recovery. please let me know how things are goin. marcia

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