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Help needed!
Jun 27, 2009
Hey everyone.

I'm a 20 year old (4 months til my next birthday) and i live in England. I currently work in a retail store and also live at home with my parents and sister!

There are a few things troubling me and its mostly head troubles... I cant see my GP as im always working but also dont want to get an appointment in case it means that my issue is just nothing... i care about someone with a greater issue being diagnosed first.

Firstly i'd like to point out that this may seem crazy but im going to try and tell you what it is:

So for the past few months i have been getting this issue where almost every day the top, back and sides of my head will feel expanded and i'll kinda feel... (this may sound crazy but)... i kinda feel "stupid"... like i cant cant do anything... i can still move around and do my job (it's the exact same job every day... till work) but it's like my mind stops and my head feels really hot and can be painful.

The issue seems to last anywhere from 10 minutes to around an hour or two. Sometimes i'll feel a little dizzy and things will seem brighter in the rooms and sometimes i'll see little dots floating around... the dots will be there for about 10 seconds.

I have atleast 1 headache every day and used to take Anadin for it on a daily basis but stopped taking them more than 6 months ago as i knew the pills are addictive and to preserve my health i should stop using them. I never take drugs either! Alcohol is consumed on occasions but is never drunk in amounts to make me drunk.

I usually forget things. If someone speaks to me i may forget a few minutes later. If i have an argument or discussion with someone or a group... I could forget what was said a few minutes later! One time i had a conversation but have no memory of the conversation happening but was told it took place.

I can never remember the following and im constantly reminded before they happen: paydays, birthdays, parties, events etc

I sometimes get shooting pains in my lower spinal area and occasionally one of my legs.

I sometimes feel short of breath and feel like my face has expanded yet when i look in a mirror it hasnt!

I cant wake up properly in the morning i usually have 5 alarms set before i go to work!

I sometimes have nosebleeds that will clot even with the correct stopping procedures set by NHS.

Some days i wake up and i'm tired and feel like i have no energy to work with. Being seated and then standing up feels like i have a bag of rocks on my back holding me down!

Sometimes i feel sick too

I may have missed a few things but i have enough here to start with!

Can anyone help me?

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