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Symptoms of my Imbalance
Heaviness pressing/weighing down strongly from top centre of head passing by both ears down to neck/shoulders towards back, spine & centre of body. This heaviness seems to be gradually increasing in strength since I got it in mid 2007. Head heaviest at back of head above neck (area sandwiched between both ears) Neck stiff, tight & heavy. Sometimes, slight pressure from both ears downwards, or feeling of fullness in ears. Feeling of tossing about in a sampan and feelings of being drunk. When I walk, my feet are heavy, feeling of a force pulling/pushing on the upper back of my body. (like a stretched rubber band that springs back & forth) Always feel tired, lethargic & sleepy in the day. When I sit down, feeling of a force pushing me back against the sofa. Sometimes I could hear faint palpitation/beating of my ears/heart, especially after some kind of activity for about 10 minutes. (e.g. walking, stretching, getting up from bed middle of night) Only feel better when sitting down on a sofa back that I can lean back my neck & head behind it. Feel as if my heavy neck needs support in order to stand upright on its own. Once in a while, I get a split second slight “twitch” sore feeling on the right side of my head with slight pressure in right ear too. (especially when I talk too loud/long or breathe in very deeply)

“Pull & push” force on the upper back of my body & feelings of tossing about in a sampan & feelings of being drunk are strongest when I do any simple activity e.g. bend head down eating at meals, type emails, filing documents, sorting/packing things, stand upright with feet apart for more than 5 minutes, sit down for more than 10 minutes on a stool. I get all above nasty symptoms whenever I exert/use strength to do anything, (stretch my limbs, carry heavy things, exercise), as a result my body/limbs movements tend to be stiff (robotic).

I only feel good when I lie down (e.g. sleeping). My imbalance has something to do with gravitation. When I lie on the floor (horizontal) I’m OK & I don’t feel any heaviness at all, but the moment I stand up (vertical) slowly I get all the above nasty symptoms. In any day the only time I ever feel good is the first 10 minutes when I get up from bed. ENT specialists have confirmed that I am not suffering from Vertigo & I do not have “spinning” feelings or nausea. I can stand on any one leg without falling. However, I have mild ethmoid & maxillary sinusitis. I’ve done 6 MRIs of the brain/cervical spine & the scans/x-rays say results normal.

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Thank you for your help!

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