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NE, ya know,the one thing i have seen here over and over is this certain finding about seeing things within the brain that are indicative of migrane. and yet i have been getting my ongoing migranes(classic migrane with aura) since i was only 13 and am pushing 50 here soon and not one of the many brain scans i have had to have EVER mentions that particular finding, or anything indicative of me having these pretty much as a life long companion. its just really kind of confusing knowing my own history of these, ya know? it would really be interesting to find out just what actually creates that particular finding itself, or if this is just something rads decide is what they are as a "catch all" type of finding, ya know what i mean? i just have nothing there like this within my brain anywhere. seems strange to me given what i KNOW i have had most of my life.

sorry it has taken me so long to just get back to you fitz, just dealing with my own continuing saga of fun with the medical world. the one thing that is not present from what this states is at least there are no actual vascular malformations like aneurysm behind this,and that really IS a very very good thing in and of itself, believe me, been there done that one myself. the one thing that you really need to know when it comes down to any hard finding that any rad simpy states in any MRI report, is it comes down to THAT particular rads level of overall knowledge and experience in just even doing interpretations at all. some are just better than others and have much more experience. anytime they just notice anything different on any scan, it just gets noted with kind of 'their' overall impression of any given finding(they just have to give an impression). and that can actually mena a 'something' or a nothing really.

unfortunetly for you, i really think it is going to be up to your neuro to truely find out just what these findings actually mean, if anything. it wouldn't hurt tho to just do a bit of research on your end in the wait pattern you are in right now. i would just look up some of the actual findings as stated by the rad there and see what pops up as possibles here. this would at least give you some idea of what they 'could' possibly mean for you and allow you to just ask better questions of the neuro when you see him or her, ya know what i mean? and make certain to just write down any good questions you think up as soon as they pop into your head. i learned the hard way that if i wait, i lose good questions. so now, when i am in the situation you are or other important medical issues i am dealing with, i just always keep a notebook out where it is always there so i can just go to it the second i think of those good questions and write them down right away. then you just bring that to your appt. it dos help to just remeber to ask the good questions you come up with. it has helped me tons over the years and dealing with all my ongoing medical issues.

one other possible area that could also be playing at least some part when headpain is going on? he c spine area, or even within the neck with vascular types of problems. this area often gets overlooked when neuros are more attuned to looking at the brain where the head pain is and not always trying to sort of 'track back' the area of pain to ALL possible generators. its just the way their brains are. but anything going on with our c spines, trust me here on this, CAN cause alot of possible brain issues or even really bad headaches too. just something that should be looked into and ruled out at some point. espescially if nothing turns out to be what would be a good cause with the brain findings. been thru some really ugly head aches with all my c spine mess i have.

hopefully you will get some better definition once you can see your neuro about the overall findings here. sorry i could not really help with the findings themselves. but every possible connection to the area of pain just NEEDS to be checked out and ruled out or in at least as a possible contributor here since you are IN the diagnositic mode right now. good luck with this and please do keep us posted as to what you find out fitz, Marcia

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