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I been suffering from ear/head pressure for the last 2.5 years with no cure. I have tried everything I can possibly do to make it feel better. Used ear drops, ear cleaners, went to the chiropractic, acupuncture for 1 year no change.

My symptoms are constant (non stopping) head pressure, like when you get dehydrated yet I do incorporate lots of fluids, water, green tea in my diet) nose tingling, jaw pressure (so much that I grind my teeth at night and resulted in a loose tooth) popping/clogged ears that feel like they pulsate time to time. When I stand up I feel a big pressure come on to me. Blurred thoughts, vision, balance problems and previous vertigo was experienced in my case which resulted in panic attacks = disorder. Thank God the panic stuff has cleared but my head did not. Every time when I wake up it is there, seemed to get worse when I lay down to sleep. Ringing in head & worse pressure. No pain just pressure. Rarely but I do get headaches from time to time and more alarming when it is a throbbing or sharp pain above my ear reaching the top of my head.

I am a believer in natural medicine, take vitamins and supplements so I try to keep away from prescription drugs & surgeries.

The thread "Head & Ear Pressure" that I read before seem to have lots of information relating to this but nobody found a cure even after seeing a neurologist, if yes please share it with me I would love to hear from you!!! Some people swore by a chiropractor but it did not work for me after a year of treatment and lost of money. Acupuncture? Tried it before no results. I do exercise and eat healthy most of the time, I am a little over weight but nothing major.

I have become desperate for help because this has been going on for years in my head and I don’t want to live the rest of my life with this head pressure. I am only 25 with wasting 2.5 years with this. When I found this website and reading all those post about people having the same problem I thought I found GOLD!! Please let me know if anybody found cure for these symptoms!

Thank You Very much!!!!!!!
[COLOR="purple"]Ive head that also and still due and mine was when i was in ICU and n a coma they have opened my mouth open to wide and dislocated a disc in my jaw which was TMJ pain would have constant headaches and ear aches. I have to wear a splint all day now because of it. check that out might be your problem. let me know.
fireangel, I'm really sorry to hear about your jar. How are you doing with the splint? I got my jaw dislocated when I was in a car accident and wanted to see how you are doing?
its weird and bothersome but it takes the pain away from my jaw when i yawn or eat and my ear aches have gone away, so they are planning on the splint for 6 months to see if the disc will go back in place if not than i have to get braces to realign everything in my mouth im really not to excited about braces at 26 lol. but if it helps than ill deal ya know
Glad it takes some of the pain away. I found out about mine when I went to my chiro., and he used an activator on it to pop it back in, it felt great then. I had to have that done a few times, and be carefull not to eat foods that were hard to chew for awhile, but it did get better then.

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