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I'm a 25 yr old female. About 5 years ago I started to develop these rather serious issues. My brain is very foggy. I forget things all the time like numbers, names, words, conversation with people, things that happen in movies, etc. A lot of times I forget something that just happened not even 5 seconds ago. It seems as though the more I try to think of something, the quicker I'll forget about it.

To describe the brain fog, it feels like the brain is too big for my skull. There's a constant pressure in my head. I can feel this pressure behind my eyes as well. I don't physically see fog, but the feeling I get from it is like there's fog in my brain, and so everything I do I have to try harder to get through the fog. This foggy feeling is always there 24/7. I feel like there is not enough oxygen or blood getting to my brain. It is hard to think. It is hard to do anything. I feel stupid.

My speech skill is going down hill so fast it's not funny. Words just come out weird and confusing. Conversations are short and awkward, and they usually end when I say something that has nothing to do with the start of the conversation. I don't like being a quiet person, but a lot of times I have to keep my mouth shut, so I don't embarrass myself.

My reading skill is getting bad as well. My eyes try to skip ahead everytime I read, and I always have to read the same thing 2-3 times to get it, only to forget it about a minute later, of course.

I can't take it anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me. I want to kill myself because it hurts so bad and it is enabling me. I feel dead. I am a zombie.

This is not an ear problem.. I am not dizzy.

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