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Did you ever have an EKG or blood test to see if your heart muscle was damaged?With a TIA you definitely would have had some warning signs and lasting effects from it.Usually it affects the brain which in turn would cause numbness on one side of the young grandson Ben had a stroke when he was 1 month old(he was 3 months premature) and the brain bleed was on the left side so it affected his right side.He has mild cerebral palsy.He's had speech and physical therapy since he was 16 months old and he is 8 yrs. old now.He just had surgery on July 30th for his hamstrings in both legs and they put a metal plate in his right hip.Yeah it was just awful and heartbreaking to see my little guy in so much pain and the muscle spasms were horrible.About 2 weeks after he was pain free and the spasms eased off.He just got the casts off both of his leggs on Sept.9th...he's doing really well now.Hopefully he'll be able to walk better now.He talks better than kids his own funny.

Anyways I will assure you that it is highly unlikely you had a stroke.If your sx are progressive and fluctuate then I wouldn't worry that it was caused by having a stroke,but I'm not a it's just my opinion.You & I think too much alike though...I've been thinkin' maybe I had a TIA too,but back in June I had an EKG and it was fine.....but that was for heart palpitations.My "new" sx started in mid August.

When did your brain fog start?Did your sx all start around the same time?I am interested in your case very much so.Also the last time you saw a dr. did he think it was mostly anxiety-related?

Do you ever take your pulse to see what your heart rate is?I's about 72 in am when I wake up and then during the day it's 84...if I have a cigarette it goes up anywheres from 88 to 92.I only smoke half pack or less a day.I cut down last January...before that I was smoking a pack and a half a day.Do you smoke also?I don't use alcohol at all...last time I had a drink I was only 18 yrs. old...this is true.

Well just relax and don't worry about whether you had a stroke or is very stressful for everyone when they don't know what their sx are caused by.Not knowing causes stress....for sure.


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