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I'm a 25 yr old female. About 5 years ago I started to develop these rather serious issues. My brain is very foggy. I forget things all the time like numbers, names, words, conversation with people, things that happen in movies, etc. A lot of times I forget something that just happened not even 5 seconds ago. It seems as though the more I try to think of something, the quicker I'll forget about it.

To describe the brain fog, it feels like the brain is too big for my skull. There's a constant pressure in my head. I can feel this pressure behind my eyes as well. I don't physically see fog, but the feeling I get from it is like there's fog in my brain, and so everything I do I have to try harder to get through the fog. This foggy feeling is always there 24/7. I feel like there is not enough oxygen or blood getting to my brain. It is hard to think. It is hard to do anything. I feel stupid.

My speech skill is going down hill so fast it's not funny. Words just come out weird and confusing. Conversations are short and awkward, and they usually end when I say something that has nothing to do with the start of the conversation. I don't like being a quiet person, but a lot of times I have to keep my mouth shut, so I don't embarrass myself.

My reading skill is getting bad as well. My eyes try to skip ahead everytime I read, and I always have to read the same thing 2-3 times to get it, only to forget it about a minute later, of course.

I can't take it anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me. I want to kill myself because it hurts so bad and it is enabling me. I feel dead. I am a zombie.

This is not an ear problem.. I am not dizzy.
Dear ses,

I have constant head pressure and brain fog, but have not experienced much in the way of steady cognitive decline as you describe. Compared to yours, mine would be more in the area of poor short term memory and terrible attentional skills. It has seemed like its gradual, although its hard for me to really chart the progression. My first symptom was head pressure, about 6 years ago now. I don't have any DX and I haven't found a way to fix any of these problems.

One important thing to ask is.. can you remember the first time you got head pressure, and what you were doing at that time? This could help point to a cause.
hi ses0429

well I am interested in brain fog,because I have it too.

for me I think mine is caused by changes in my hormones.I say that because I have had this before and then it would ease up and I'd be okay.I wasn't prepared for it this time around and I'm really crying me a river everyday.

I just woke up one day and felt "different"...that's the only way I can explain it.So my brain fog was sudden...leading up to it though I did first have a "pulling feeling" on the right side of my head and then dizziness with head pressure then a mess of headaches for about a couple of weeks and then this.

I really feel so I know everything is real,but yet it seems like something isn't right.

take care everyone~Scout
[QUOTE=scout316;4074610]Benit:some people can have "mini strokes" and not be aware of them.There would definitely be some changes slurred speech, EKG done in the drs. office can show any kind of abnormality that has previously occurred(that's what my dr. told me).I don't think a person who had even a mild stroke would just be able to function as if nothing happened.


Eh, my brain fog and head pressure and other assorted problems have all been progressive, and sometimes shift around. Would this "progression" of various symptoms probably rule out the cause of my SX as some sort of stroke? If it was some kind of stroke that caused my problems, it would have happened at some point between 22 and 24 years of age, which was when I was still using dangerous substances (former addict.)

Not to mention, aren't mini-strokes usually associated with temporary loss of language, coordination, comprehension...? I never recall such an episode.

I know you can't tell what I have, or don't have, but this idea of some sort of "minor ischemic stroke," or whichever kind is associated with drug use, has been in the back of my mind for a while. Perhaps you could reassure me on this??
Did you ever have an EKG or blood test to see if your heart muscle was damaged?

I had an EKG once in a doctor's office after I was certain there was something wrong with my heart. I was having periods of being unable to tell whether I was warm or cold, palpitations, moments where it felt like my heart was skipping beats for seconds at a time, pain in the left arm, numbness... but it must be noted this was when I was in the throes of addiction, and I wasn't getting good sleep at all. I don't recall what days in particular I was using drugs, just that there was a stretch of days where I was feeling very badly.

So I thought this episode was serious enough that I would go to the doctors anyway, whether I was an addict or not, and just "dodge" questions about substance use. I needed to have my vital signs checked to know for sure. So I went to the doc's in the morning. By then the heart palpitations seemed to have decreased, but I still felt psychotic and I was feeling quite ill.

So I had the EKG and blood pressure checked, that checked out fine except blood pressure was slightly high. Then they had me get my blood drawn to check for Sed rate (the doc explained the Sed rate would pick up something if anything was "really wrong with me"). The Sed rate test came back weeks later, and that was fine.

The doc seemed to think it was an anxiety or panic attack.

When did your brain fog start?Did your sx all start around the same time?I am interested in your case very much so.Also the last time you saw a dr. did he think it was mostly anxiety-related?

Do you ever take your pulse to see what your heart rate is?I's about 72 in am when I wake up and then during the day it's 84...if I have a cigarette it goes up anywheres from 88 to 92.I only smoke half pack or less a day.I cut down last January...before that I was smoking a pack and a half a day.Do you smoke also?I don't use alcohol at all...last time I had a drink I was only 18 yrs. old...this is true.

It's a very confusing case. Suffice it to say, I have never smoked, and I don't use drugs or alcohol anymore. I've been sober from booze for 2+ years and haven't used drugs for 6 years.

When i go to the supermarket BP machine, my BP is usually on the low-normal end, while my heart rate is usually in the 80s or 90s. Last time, however, it was about 75.

My brain fog has been around in varying degrees ever since I had the head pressure, and that started about 6 years ago when I was still an addict and in poor health. It does seem that the brain fog has "magnified" itself in the last 2-3 years however.

I really don't think you should ask for too many details about my case, cuz you'll probably end up getting confused... I myself can't keep it all straight!

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