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so far,
I've been diagnosed with ACM1, hydrocephelis, and syringomyelia, I've had decompression surgery, a vp shunt inserted, twice had spinal taps, or drains with capheters inserted so I could see my fluid drain (it spilled one time and got on my clothes and sheets) and I've had 3 revision surgeries to close leaks in the dura patch that was put in during the first surgery. Right now I'm doing better, despite a large lump in the front of my head and a huge dent in the back of my head, and I'm balding so I can't cover these things with hair. Despite all this, I still get the pressure headaches, especially while I'm at work, and there's still much pain in the back of my head.

I recently had a ct scan and the doctor said everything looked good, but the pain may be associated to the trauma to my neck muscles and put me into physical therapy, and told me to take alieve for the pain. I hope this works.

PS I miss you guys, esp cindy, most around me can't understand the pain, even though I look ok, most of the time I don't feel good, but I know you understand.


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