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Hello Scout and all,
I have had a bunch of various symptoms the last 10 months or so. The 2nd biggest for me is the on/off feeling of "fullness" in my throat and pain in my jaw (it's really under my chin) that only feels a bit better when I apply pressure to it.

The biggest problem that is effecting my quality of life are the internal shakes/vibrations I get all day and night. Sometimes I'll have it in my chest with heart palpitations. Other times I can feel it in my legs, back, but when the sensation is in my head, that is when I am a complete mess and can't stand it. I also get on/off pain at the back of my neck with some stiffness. I sit at the pc a lot (for hours on end) and have bad posture. I have eye strain too as a result.

With regard to the internal shaking (my hands have a visible tremor as well that my neurologist didn't seem too concerned about) I notice now that I am having problems looking someone in the face and talking to them b/c of the "rattling" feeling in my head. My eyes feel like they are twitching and the muscles in my forehead (which effect my eyes) feel like they are in spasm or trembling. I can't focus or concentrate in this state. I was standing in a store the other day and felt the "shakes" so I'm at a point now where I'm anxious to even go out. I do notice when I'm more active that it's not as bad. I guess it's b/c I'm not thinking about it as much.

My last blood glucose level came in slightly low so I don't know if that or thyroid is an issue as all blood work for my thyroid came back fine. I was recently diagnosed with a Chiari 1 malformation a couple of weeks ago and I'm REALLY scared . I try my best not to think about it. My neurologist said from the MRI results, I shouldn't worry but I'm very concerned! I'm 31 with 3 young children and worry to death about not being able to function like a normal person anymore or worse... not being around for them anymore. My neurologist out of all the docs I've seen is a pretty nice guy. He has done an EMG, various blood tests and has been sensitive to my feelings. He says that he doesn't think the Chiari 1 is the main culprit of my symptoms but who knows.

He knows I get anxious so advised me not to get too caught up in what I read on the Internet. He said there are some people who never experience symptoms of Chiari 1 and there are others who say their symptoms are from Chiari 1 but often times it's really secondary to something else that is causing the problem.

I do have on/off pain in the back of my neck but it's the internal shaking that really bothers me the most. The other day for the first time in a long while the shaking stopped. I actually smiled and started doing a little "happy dance." I was so anxious about the shaking coming back and it did return later that night. It's so depressing.

All of the other Docs I've seen seem to think it's anxiety related but in reality it's the symptoms causing the anxiety. I was diagnosed with OCD many years ago. I'm due for another MRI in 2 days as my neurologist wants to make sure I don't have syringomyelia. He said the upper part of my spine looks good from the MRI results but wants to do an MRI of the cervical spine to be sure. I pray that I will feel almost normal again one of these days and that this shaking/vibrating feeling stops or gets much better. In the meantime, I'm going to try out 5htp after my MRI is over. My B12 is on the high side so I won't be buying any B12 supplements.

I have been taking Naproxen which seems to help calm the shaking in my head but then it just comes back a couple of hours later and I can't keep taking Naproxen everyday b/c it bothers my stomach.

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