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Re: Confused
Aug 21, 2009
hello and many thank yous for your reply, to answer a few of your questions re tests i had in a+e your er well i had bloods as usual and ct scan and that is that no xrays nothing oh just to let you no my husband says no neck brace or stiff neck was ever used on me on extracting me from the 4x4 i have been told i have brain damage with mild volume loss posteriorly in the left pre central gyrus and a widening of the adjacent sulcas with loss of definition of the adjacent cortex however now this will make you even more confused a report that i have states that on a sagittal brain view there is a hint of the sucal widening .

Other than this i am still suffering as well as everything else with neck pain shoulder pain and because it has affected my right side which i suppose is a blessing a i am left handed all the shoulder pain is affecting my left arm as im having to use it to compensate for no use in my right .

I was very much wearing my seat belt and i was aware of that tightening then nothing else the car that hit uswas a BMW3series new model so a powerful car my husband has told me that the driver admitted at the scene that he has been used to driving an Automatic however this car he was diving was a Manual gearbox hense he put his foot on the accelorator and not the brake , our only saving grace was that we were in a 4x4 the driver admitted to police that he was already speeding when hitting the accelorator , even the police say had he hit the brake a he should have he would have ended up under our jeep.

one of my blood tests came back with a raised level of Carbon Monoxcide however wwe are a non smoking house hold and were not sat in a smokey room but again this was never explained to us .

I am of the same opinion as you in not never ever hearing the terminology Brain Shock before , the NHS over here is not all that if you get my meaning at least its not anymore i worked for them since 1988 and you just watch the decline happen however as i find myself on the other side of the fence now doors are getting closed and ranks are being pulled yes they have admitted they have failed me however trying to prove it well thats another ball game and i am sure you will be aware of how the systom works within any medical establishment.

Getting back to your answers NO my C spine was not nor have they ever checked it to this day i was wondering that but over here you just cannot say i want a CT SCAN or MRI youd get laughed out the surgery however take this piece of information and see what you makee of it , i was sent to have some Physio NOT i may add for all my major problems but for the shoulder and arm and neck well had 1 session just info seeking 2 session this guy started to manipulate my neck /shoulder and i wnt out like a light he refused to see me or do anymore with me for fear of causing ANOTHER stroke as said for 13 months ive been told youve had a stroke and without a blink of an eye its now this mysterious brain shock.

Anyway i will have to end it there for today as my eyes are playing up great to chat to you and seriously many thanks for your input if you hear of or want to no more dont hesitate all the very best ....

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