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Firstly I'm going away on a weekend break this weekend with the family and am not entirely sure I want to know this before going, I should go to my doctors immediately but I really don't want anything to ruin this yearly event me and my family go on, so I am putting any doctors visits on hold till Tuesday.

Recently I have been having some pain in my right eye, as if there is something in the eye but more painful, there isn't anything going in my eye to cause it either. I had an eye test for this and there was nothing to cause any problems, I have also recently had a back of the eye test as I am diabetic and these are a yearly test. I have also had some muscle twitching in my neck, I've had twitching before in places due to a depressive time in my life, but that I feel has passed. Another symptom is jumpiness and anxiety, something that I presumed would be related to the depression but it seems to have come back, my thoughts are very paranoid like. Lastly, and most worryingly and scarily, last night I was at a restaurant as I do deliveries on the food there and the boss was on the phone and all of a sudden his voice sounded very slow and deep, this happened again when he went off the phone and spoke to a customer, the customers voice then sounded like this to me, obviously this wasn't my bosses or the customers voice it was how my ears had heard it, to say I was frightened and shocked was an understatement. I presumed it was my sugar levels being low as this can cause tiredness, dizziness and a drunk-like feeling, my sugar levels were quite low but this has never happened before.

I know this is a lot to read and take in but does this sound like a brain problem to you? I have typed a few of these symptoms in google and brain tumour has popped up, I then typed in brain tumour symptoms and my symptoms again were mentioned.

To say I am scared to death right now would be stating the obvious, I already have other health issues as mentioned above and I'm only 29 years old, I just don't think my body or mind could take any more, I genuinely feel this could bring the end to me, I hate to sound dramatic like this but what else could be causing all these problems and how can any human beings body take this punishment? It doesn't seem possible to me hence I am seeing the worse. I am especially scared due to the fact I have 2 sons, a girlfriend and lots of family and friends who mean the world to me and visor versa. I just can't handle and more health issues, it's ruining my life.

I know your going to say see the Doctor which I certainly will do, but can you identify my symptoms as a brain problem?


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