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[QUOTE=scout316;4069122]don't have a clue about brain "foci"...that is interesting though...I'll haveto research it.Glad your brother pulled through all never know what's going to come your way.....gotta keep the faith.

I am feeling way better today...I really think it's just everyone tells me...and hopefully I will be feeling 100% again...I really don't like to dwell on self pity parties...

So how are you doing Bill?You sound much better!Hope your sx are gone or at least eased up a bit.


Some symptoms may have eased up, it's tough to tell sometimes, but the head pressure and brain fog are as bad as ever... I wish I could report some progress in terms of getting some kind of DX, but I'm afraid I don't have anything for ya.
thank you Bill...yep I can identify with what you're saying...I don't have a problem with short or long term memory,but I do have that feeling of things not being a "dreamlike state"'s so weird and a bit overwhelming for sure.

Ummm I did look up brain fog and was relieved to find some's a frequent sx of menopause...but it can also mean a problem with the adrenal glands(which my dr. also pointed out to me)so I'm going to see an endocrinologist to have some blood work done.Also read it could be from stress,depression,denial(I like that one...interesting,huh?),diabetes,lupus,fibromyalgia,low blood sugar,underactive thyroid,food/chemical reactions and nutritional deficiencies....that's a lot of possibilities!

Also said 70% of Primary Adrenal Insufficiency is caused by auto-immune process and 30% by tuberculosis,bacterial/viral or fungal infections,adrenal hemmorhage or cancer of the adrenal glands.Secondary i usually from a decrease in pituitary hormone(ACTH) interesting.

SX are:abdominal pain
decreased body hair
joint/muscle aches
low blood pressure
low blood sugar
muscle weakness
craving salt
weight loss

It said sx vary with individuals...some people don't get any sx...strange,huh?

There has to be a reason why people get brain fog...well I hate going to drs.,but I want to get to the root of this and then maybe I'll be able to help others with brain fog.

thanks so much my are so helpful and I do appreciate it~

Scout xx
Hi Scout, I am post menopause, and hypothyroid, and have allergies. I had brain fog an entire summer, and noticed I would feel good some days and not at all others. I noticed on my own that when it was colder out, I felt good, when it was warm or humid, I had the head pressure and brain fog. It was caused by allergies, and my sinuses and ear canals swelling in reaction to things in the air, causing the head pressure and out of it feeling. I use a prescription nasal spray now that helps immensely with this and alleviates the symptoms. As far as the thyroid is concerned, usually a person has many symptoms along with this, such as losing your hair, gaining ( for hypo ) weight, forgetting things, extreme fatigue etc. I noticed you have some good days in there, and that's what always happened to me, I would feel horrible for days and out of it, then suddenly have a good one, which confused me. You may want to check allergies as the cause of your symptom. I see you live where I used to, and where my problem with allergies first started. Just wanted to let you know that doctors can miss this as a cause because that was the only symptom I had for awhile. I thought nothing of sneezing every morning, or getting sick when it first rained, I was bothered more by the brain fog I had. So I do almost live on my nasal spray in the spring and summer but if I dont use it, I am very out of it mentally along with head pressure,and sometimes headaches etc. So it you still dont have any answers after your tests, please look into this. Its surprising what allergies can do to a person, they can really affect you immensely, making you very tired, feeling out of it, head pressure, headaches etc. Good luck, I hope you find the cause.
Benit:Well I have gotten that "pulling feeling" after having a bm also(but only if it was a "strenuous" one.Then the teeth under my sinuses will hurt off and it seems to me that the sinuses get "irritated" from the muscles being used.I remember you talked about being constipated so I gather that you have strenuous bms then.

Well sinus issues are the sspecialty of ENT(ear,nose & throat) drs.But you know it could be something to do with muscle fatigue and head pressure comes under headaches so that would be a neurologists field of expertise.

Yes I've thought about it(Chiari) and I'm not even going to start thinking that is what causes my's easy for some drs. to blame it (Chiari)for the laundry lists of sx people have.So I just thought I'd put that out there in case you were thinking about that too.

My brain fog has eased up a lot,But I had some kind of simple seizure was like all of a sudden I lost a few minutes of time and then I was disoriented and didn't know what happened.It took me a few minutes to realize where I was...that was truly freaky!I got over it though and had an okay day after that.I

I'm seeing a new neurologist on September 16th...hope she'll be able to help me with this dilemma I'm going through.I guess I'll be having an EEG,but I don't think I can afford an MRI at this time.

Also I know that people with back/neck problems have to be careful about straining during a bm.

That's about it for now~Scout

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