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I am not as good at writing as I used to be so please bare with me if it isnít said very well..

I have had over a year now of some really horrendous and bizarre mind and brain symptoms/occurrences and it has left me in a real state Ö

It started off with all these thoughts racing through my head and then I started to feel pain right at the back of my mind. I feel like something has ripped who I used to be right out of me, leaving me like an empty shell.

I had this crunching in my mind like something collapsing, and I had like these explosions going on inside me, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang .. Iím sure it was brain tissue being destroyed, or part of the brain giving up on me.

I was also on my bed when this pain came right through me, it effected my ribs on the right side, like I had been beaten up and I looked in the mirror and saw I had a blood shot right eye. my ribs hurt for days. And all for no reason?? Im sure that had something to do with the brain.

Ever since all that happened to me I have been like a different person, I have had severely reduced mental capacity and I struggle to find the right words, I function really badly and find it hard to even make a phone call. My speech has also been severely impaired.

Lately I have had situations where I have done something and had no recollection of actually doing it. Like the time just the other day when I woke in the morning and went into my living room to find two pieces of cheese on toast sitting there, untouched, in very bizarre places. I had no idea how they got there and I donít remember anything, I donít remember making them, I donít remember not eating them, I donít remember leaving them where I left them, or going to bed the night before.

Also at a party on Saturday night, I was having these sort of what I think are seizures. I would just cut off from everyone, not even knowing they were there and stare into space unknowingly, Iím not sure how long I was doing it for but I have to say its quite scary.

I feel like something has been destroying me on the inside and im not sure what it is, or what to do about it.

I am not sure if it was the speed I used to do, maybe it had a nasty chemical in it that shouldnít of been there? And my brain couldnít cope with it?

Or maybe I have a brain tumour? I know it is something serious either way.

I have seen the doctor but I just cant get them to take it seriously, I feel like Iím battling them instead of being helped by them.

Have I destroyed my life by being stupid and doing too many drugs with nasty chemicals in them? I think that is the most likely scenario.

I would really like to get a brain scan considering everything that has happened to me and my loss of cognitive functions but I cant get the doctors to see that I need one

Any thoughts? .. please be gentle if you think I haven't wrote this very well

Oh and sorry for all the doom and gloom!

many thanks! ;)

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