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i have felt that symptom as well. i too suffer from anxiety and mine is primarily health anxiety. it is hard to think that you can feel these symptoms from anxiety especially sometimes when you dont even feel anxious but it is possible. i have this sensation in the back of my head right now its not burning but it feels full or tight. i dont know how to describe it but it is not pai. at first i was like oh my gosh i have a brain tumor but once i step back and think about it i know it is unlikely to have a tumor and more likelyto be stress.
the very best way to find out if this is stemming from a real "something' would be to simply have the spinal area and the brain MRIed which they can do all at one visit. burning in that area could be related to either a brain issue(less likely) or more likely would be some level of problem within the c spine. until an area really gets looked at more in depth, there really is no way any doc should be telling anyone that its 'nothing' or nothing serious. they just don't know that yet ya know?

i personally know people with some c spine issues who do have that really deep burning going on in the neck and base of skull area. i have had this in the past too on my R base of skull from issues with my C 2-3 level in my c spine(this kind of sounds like the area you are referring to too?). just pop onto the spinal boards here and read thru some threads. burning is generally from angry nerves which can be from very overly tight muscles which can be from many different causes and yes, it could be made worse by stress. but generally something would have to actually be underlying in order for that to even occur, you know what i mean? when nerves get overly irritated or inflammed they send out signals to the muscles that just get the muscles tightened up. its called "guarding".

deeper burning like you decsribed and just where you are having it really should be fully evaluated with MRI just to see what could be going on in the c spine area at the very least. there are just sooo many different possibles that a person can have going on in any given c spine area(our c spines are pretty vulnerable and not protected like other areas of our spines) that it would really take that good and contrasted type of MRI just to see the inner deeper areas down to the cord level. nothing BUT an MRI is capable of getting that deep, as far as the more commonly used types of inner scans go anyways. just see your primary for a basic neuro eval and see about getting that referral for an MRI. do you have ANY other symptoms like in the fingers or pain running down your arms at all? please let us know what you find out. this really does need some further deeper evaluation. marcia

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