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Hi Scout and all,

As you can see I am new here and dont quite know my way around yet.
BUT I am sooo greatful that I found you.

For the past week I have had these weird and scary symptoms. Let me try to explain: Burning pain in my upper shoulders and the back of my head; feels like my scalp is hurting or burning or tingling; the whole front of my face feels kind of the same---my forehead and nose and just the whole front of my face. I feel queasy and a little lightheaded and like I cant really think exactly right. My arms feel a little tingly too---but that's not the biggest thing. Sometimes my jaw feel tight and my face (especially the left side) feels tingly.
I am just about out of my mind!!! I recently had a CT scan---normal and a carotid artery ultrasound---normal. My thinking is fuzzy which really scares me and if I do actually have a "headache", it's sort of a band of burney pain on topof where my ears are around the back across the occipital "bumps" and around to the other side.

I think that I am not alone here---but does any one know what is going on. I know I can be a big worrier---but not only is this scary, it just ffects my quality of life so much---I really don't want to be around anyone---it just feels like too much trouble.

Sorry for all of that---other than this stuff, things are really fine---this is just such a worry

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