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I'm reading posts from people that seem to have very similar symptoms in this old thread:

Particularly similar are the symptoms of ajo7846 and eightballgal. My symptoms first started about 4 years ago after intense exercise. The pounding pulse, vertigo and brain fog lasted about 20 minutes. It didn't reoccur for several months and was again triggered by intense exercise. Roughly 3 years ago I had these symptoms every time I even did any light exercise. About 2 years ago the symptoms became constant, 24/7. It was there all day long, there when I went to sleep (and it was very difficult to get to sleep) and it was the first sensation as I woke up. I even dreamed about falling, being rocked on a boat in heavy seas, bumpy airplane rides, etc.

My latest Neurologist is now thinking this could all be caused by stress and wants me to see a psychiatrist. I remind her that this all started from intense exercise so stress can't be the cause. I am suffering from depression but after years of this physically and mentally debilitating condition I think anyone would be depressed. I was not depressed when this all started.

She also wants me to go to another ENT. I have asked her via email to talk to the last ENT I saw a year ago that said this was definately a migraine. I haven't heard back from her yet but it has only been a couple days.

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