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I'm reading posts from people that seem to have very similar symptoms in this old thread:

Particularly similar are the symptoms of ajo7846 and eightballgal. My symptoms first started about 4 years ago after intense exercise. The pounding pulse, vertigo and brain fog lasted about 20 minutes. It didn't reoccur for several months and was again triggered by intense exercise. Roughly 3 years ago I had these symptoms every time I even did any light exercise. About 2 years ago the symptoms became constant, 24/7. It was there all day long, there when I went to sleep (and it was very difficult to get to sleep) and it was the first sensation as I woke up. I even dreamed about falling, being rocked on a boat in heavy seas, bumpy airplane rides, etc.

My latest Neurologist is now thinking this could all be caused by stress and wants me to see a psychiatrist. I remind her that this all started from intense exercise so stress can't be the cause. I am suffering from depression but after years of this physically and mentally debilitating condition I think anyone would be depressed. I was not depressed when this all started.

She also wants me to go to another ENT. I have asked her via email to talk to the last ENT I saw a year ago that said this was definately a migraine. I haven't heard back from her yet but it has only been a couple days.
Have you all been checked to see if you do have vertigo? If those crystals in the ears get out of place, they can make you have funny feelings in your head. I just went to a Balance Center and had mine put back into the right place. Amazing what they can do. It was my left ear that I am having strange feelings in and can hear my heartbeat real strong but I was also feeling some vertigo when I lie down at night but when I went to the balance center they said the vertigo was in my right ear. They fixed that but I still have the problem with the left ear.
Sorry to hear you are having the same troubles, Addi.

It has been almost 4 years now since the pounding in my head became continuous. I have had zero progress in getting a diagnosis or finding any treatment that helps the pounding. I still have the vertigo as well.

I have slowly learned to live with it and adapt. I bought a small sports car which made driving much easier. I drive whenever and wherever just like I used to. Before the little sports car I only drove to work and back, which made me a nervous wreck. I could barely stay in my lane. Driving to see friends or my parents was out of the question.

I also got on a high dosage of antidepressents and ADD meds. These have made it possible to focus at work and stop dwelling on the pounding in my head and vertigo.

I went through a period of 6 months or so where I had horrible headaches all of the time. I finally realized they were triggered by sleep. Anytime I slept more than 6 hours I'd either wake up with a crushing headache or it would come on in the first few hours after I woke up. I learned to get by with less sleep so I traded the headaches for sleep deprivation. After many months of that I can now sleep my regular 8 hours and not get a headache. I get one of the bad headaches maybe once a month now.

I often get a quick and sharp pain in my head. I have had these for a couple years now. They fade over 30 seconds or so.

Anyway, I've learned to cope and have regained most of my life back. I keep checking on line every so often to see if I can spot some solution but I'm not so desperate for an answer as I was 2 years ago.

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